Don’t Miss Out on the Reggaeton Revolution from Daddy Yankee and Others

I’m sure you’ve heard the new music revolution that is sweeping the globe. The rhythmic pumping of the base, the Spanish lyrics, and the sexual dancing are all what make up the new genre of music known simply as reggaeton. Reggaeton is taking over the clubs and soon it’ll be booming out of every car you see. So don’t miss out and check out these hot reggaeton artists that are going to be huge.

The first person you should check out is Daddy Yankee. Daddy Yankee is the biggest reggaeton artist in the world, as is quickly becoming one of the most well known musicians in the entire world. His hit from last summer “Gasolina” is what started the reggaeton revolution, and with his new hit single “Rompe,” he’s burning up the charts faster than anyone. His new album “Barrio Fino en Directo” is the number one reggaeton album with songs like “Dale Caliente” and Gangster Zone” you can be sure that its sales will not slow down. Also included with the “Barrio Fino en Directo” album is a DVD with interviews and clips from his live concerts. This is definitely worth the $12 as it’s pure reggaeton genius.

If you are looking for the best of the underground reggaeton artists, they you should definitely look into some of Calle 13 sweet beats and lyrics. Calle 13 is quickly becoming one of the hottest acts in all of Puerto Rico, the home of reggaeton. The hail from La Perla, right in the heart of the reggaeton movement and their latest hit “Atrevete-te-te” can be heard at all the hot clubs and being mixed by the best DJ’s around. Their self-titled album is second in popularity only behind Daddy Yankee, and songs like “Tengo Hambre” and “Jirafa” will definitely get your body moving. They recently were shown on the MTV documentary “My Block: Puerto Rico” along with Daddy Yankee and other reggaeton stars like Tego Calderon and Voltio. You can be sure that they will be at the top of the reggaeton food chain for some time.

For a more R&B style of reggaeton that sounds more a bit more soulful that the hip-hop influenced sounds of Daddy Yankee and others, go and buy the CD from the duo of Wisin and Yandel. This group has a bit more too offer in the way of musical talents, and it shows through in the song that has made them into stars “Rakata.” “Rakata” was recently included on the exclusive reggaeton compilation “Mas Flow” that has launched the careers of everyone from Don Omar to Luny Tunes and Rakin and Ken-y. They have even collaborated with R. Kelly for a new club mix that will be sure to make people get up and dance. Their album “P’al Mundo” is filled with chart toppers including other number one singles like “Paleta” with a cameo from Daddy Yankee, and “Llame Pa’ Verte.” In Puerto Rico you see Wisin and Yandel everywhere, as they are becoming ambassadors for the island and the reggaeton movement. Their album runs around $12, so go purchase it from and you won’t be disappointed.

The reggaeton movement should not be dismissed as a fad, so take notice and listen to some of these artists for a great musical experience. Reggaeton is becoming huge, so don’t miss out.

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