Door Replacement at Reasonable Costs

When was the last time you looked at the doors in your home? You use them every day, but have you actually stopped to think about their function, their form, and the value they add to your property?

These days, home improvement doesn’t just stop at the kitchens, the bathrooms, and the landscaping. The most appealing homes also feature eye-catching and functional interior doors – a niche that Tom Gannon knows well.

Gannon, with owner Ray Timm co-manages the Interior Door Replacement Company in San Ramon, has been in his specific line of business for the past three years. “Interior Door Replacement Company is very unique in that we are really the only company around to have a completely turnkey process for replacing flat interior doors with raised-panel doors,” he says.

“We offer everything, from a huge selection of styles to custom installation of doors to painting, to providing a full line of decorative handles and levers for the doors. We do everything from bedroom and bathroom doors, French doors, mirrored closet doors, pocket bathroom doors. We install them throughout the house, anywhere in the house, from the fire door to the interior door that leads to the garage.”

Timm, a longterm contractor, had the idea for beginning the business when he first recognized that door replacement was a lucrative and necessary niche. “He knew the difficulty that a contractor or homeowner has in replacing doors,” Gannon says. “It is a skill that is handled by a craftsman out in the trade, not by a framer or general laborer. It is a very skill-demanding task to actually put in doors and get it right.”

Gannon says that the typical customer who walks into his 3,000 square foot shop and showroom is someone who is seeking ways to enhance their home’s appearance and value – not only at low cost, but with a minimal amount of intrusive on-site work.

That’s where his company, part of a nationwide franchise that originally started nine years ago in Mountain View, comes in.

“Contrary to a kitchen remodel or even scraping off spray-on ‘popcorn’ from your ceiling, interior door replacement is actually not really an invasive project,” he says. The typical process takes about a week, with the company working in two phases: There’s a Monday pickup for all doors in the home, and then workers return later in the week to reinstall the new doors. The complete package for a standard home takes about five hours total and costs around $250 for installation, paint, handles and hinges.

Gannon says his company most often installs commonly used hollow-core panel doors but has other offerings to meet clients’ needs. “We can move into solid-core doors up to French doors up to a new line, which is a custom-carved door,” he says. “It’s a custom door where the customer can design their own panel style. We will then send it to our mill, where it’s custom-designed.”

Though the custom line is new, Gannon says clients have been responsive to the idea. “We can definitely see the application,” he says. “People can get their kids’ names designed into the door, they can do laundry doors, they can do pantry doors.”

Door replacement is catching on these days, he says, as a lower-cost and more effective way to improve the look and value of your home. “Instead of doing just paint and carpet these days, a lot of Realtors are saying paint, carpet, and doors to give the home an updated look,” he says. “All indications are that it definitely enhances the home.”

The company, which was Diamond-certified a year and a half ago, averages 150 door installations per week and provides free in-home estimates to let clients decide the best package for their needs.

For more information, call Indoor Door Replacement Company at (925) 820-7130 or visit their website at

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