Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover Review

Freeze Away is a quick and effective at-home medical treatment for killing the fungus that causes warts. Common or Planter warts are not health damaging, warts are embarrassing and can prove to be emotionally damaging. About 7-10% of the population are affected by warts. Warts generally go away by themselves in two years, but two years is an awful long time, especially with a Plantar wart because they are painful. Freeze Away wart remover takes care of the wart problem right now.

Previously, only health professionals could remove warts by cutting, burning or freezing the wart. The processes, while simple and quick, was costly because of the doctor bill that followed. The cost could climb into the hundreds of dollars if several treatments are necessary, or if more than one wart exists.

In comparison, Freeze Away costs about twenty dollars and contains enough for twelve treatments. It can remove the wart in as little as one treatment and ten days. And since the instructions warn not to use more then four times per wart, it is possible to have more than three treatments per box.

Since warts are contagious and most people affected by warts are children and adolescents, a big family like mine relies on do it yourself kits, and Freeze Away is the answer for our wart problems. At first I was concerned that I might hurt my kids, but that concern was baseless. A small amount of pain occurs during the cryogenic process, but is short lived. There wasn’t any scars left either.

To use this product, screw an applicator tip to the pressurized can. Place the can upside down in the stand and push down for three seconds. This will freeze the tip. Then push the applicator onto the wart for a specific amount of time. After use, discard the tip without touching it because the tip could transfer the human papilloma virus (HPV).

There are a few restrictions on how to use this product and whom to use it on. People with diabetes or poor blood circulation should not use Freeze Away since the area may not heal completely. Children under four might receive a permanent scar from the procedure. Also, women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid the use of Freeze Away since it is not known how the product might affect those individuals.

Freeze Away wart remover should not be used on genital warts, warts with hair growing from them or warts that are on the face or mucous membranes. Also, you should not use to treat multiple warts on fingers or toes as the area is smaller and might be damaged.

By following the explicit instructions in the package, wart removal is safe, easy and affordable.

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