Dreams and Your Health: Is There a Connection?

Is there a connection between your dreams and your health? Yes. Dream interpretation has been around for a long time and for some people it helps them solve many of their problems related to family, work, and emotional or psychological issues. However, few people realize that dreams can give clues about your overall health condition.

Dreams that are persistent and frequent, meaning you have the same or similar dream repeatedly within one single night or over a short period of time, are trying to tell you something and you should pay attention. Like other issues, dreams related to health problems typically are recurrent and even may include an intense physical feeling during the dream or discomfort that continues after you wake. Here are some of the more common health related dreams and what they mean.

Dreams about violent injury to a certain part of your body could mean you are developing a serious health condition in that part of the body. For instance, a dream that you are stabbed in the back, then a second dream would have you falling on your back, then a third dream would be you get hit in the back. This could mean you are developing some health problem with your back. If you are having back pains then that could mean something is wrong. Consult with your doctor if you keep have a recurring dream like this.

Dreams about eating rotten food or food infested with bugs could mean a health issue with your digestive system. If you are having recurring dreams like this try changing your diet or perhaps you may be under a great deal of stress. Usually our dreams about pets or animals are dreams of ourselves. If you have recurring dreams about sick or injured animals it could be a reflection that some part of you is suffering, whether it’s physical or emotional. It could mean that you are abusing your body by neglecting your health.

Dreams about your house collapsing due to insects could mean something is giving way in your life or you may have a chronic health condition that is getting worse. Ask the doctor about any therapies that may assist in relieving worsening symptoms. Dreams about being told you have cancer and a short time to live is actually a very common dream that does not mean you have cancer. Most of the time it simply means you are overextending yourself and anxiety is setting in causing your health to suffer. Relieve stressful conditions and anxiety by figuring out what is causing you stress. Of course, if you suspect you may have cancer go see your doctor.

So the next time you have a persistent or frequent dream about something don’t shrug it off. Ask questions and do some research it could be your body’s way of telling you there could be a health condition you’re experiencing.

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