Driver Education Schools

There are many great driving schools throughout the U.S. I have researched 3 of the top driving schools in the nation and my findings led me to these 3 driving schools

Driving School Association of California. The DSAC has several driving schools in the California region. Their best I have found to be is the driving school in Los Angeles. Their instructors are trained professionals at teaching people of all ages how to drive.

The DSAC also offers a class where students are taught road safety and instructions. Lectures are also given on Drinking and Driving. These classes are filled with around 50 students. When it is time for the driving lessons, students drive in a dual brake car so that there is a set of brakes on the instructor’s passenger side of the car to make sure that the student driver doesn’t crash. The instructors are very helpful and they practice many manuevers with the drivers like 3-Point Turns, parallel parking and maintaning a steady speed on the road. Most of their students pass their road test because they are trained so well on the road.

The course lasts for a couple of months with classes held once a week usually on a Sunday. Classes last for about 2 hours since each instructor takes 3 students with him in the car to drive. The instructor will split up the driving time among the students equally.

Another great driving school located on the east coast in New York City is called Ability Driving School. This driving school specializes in teaching immigrants, foreigners or citizens who don’t speak English how to drive. Every instructor is bilingual and knows several languages so it is easy to communicate with people who want to learn how to drive.

The best deal that the Ability Driving School offers is a five course lesson package for a really cheap rate. Bilingual instructors make foriegn or immigrant drivers at ease knowing that they have someone beside them they understand. The Ability driving school has many one on one lessons to its drivers about road safety and the rules and regulations of the road and the signs on it.

The final driving course I wanted to discuss was the Staten Island Defensive Driving Course. This class specializes in defensive driving and in New York City where there are some really crazy drivers like taxi drivers, it is important to know how to be a defensive driver.

Learning how to be a defensive driver can prevent you from getting into car accidents and prevent road rage. It is important to be calm and patient on the road and this school teaches you exactly that. The rates for classes are very reasonable. The school is sponsored by the National Safety Council of Driving. The most frequently taken courses at the driving school are 6 hour courses spread over the course of 3 weeks.

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