Drown Out Bush’s Lies During His State of the Union Speech

During Pres. Bush’s State of the Union address this year, don’t be surprised if you hear a whole bunch of goings-on outside your door. In fact, don’t be surprised if you can’t even hear Bush’s long list of lies, which his speech is certain to be. This little news release isn’t meant to give you the whole skinny, but merely to get out the word.

Go to WorldCantWait.Net to find out more about people across the country who plan to take whatever is at their disposal – pots & pans, drums, ghetto-blasters, whistles, whatever – and go outside and make as much noise as they can in protest of the biggest liar to ever occupy the White House. We’ve had enough of Bush’s lies and since the media aren’t prepared to do their job to quiet him and force him to confront tough questions, then it’s up to us to merely stop his lies from being heard.

As soon as Bush opens his mouth – which is typically when his lies begin in any speech – start making noise. As loud and as long as it takes. Maybe even he’ll get to hear the noise over the Pavlovian applause by lawmakers that usually turns these twenty minute long speechs into hour long boredom festivals.

We need to take steps to drown out Bush every time he talks because – aside from the fact that he has the most annoying speech patterns of any human alive – it has become painfully obvious that Bush no longer is even willing to give lip service to his not being above the law. When Bush admitted to illegal wiretapping, he became the first President to ever admit to an impeachable offense. Did he say he was sorry, that he just didn’t realize what he was doing and that he’d stop?

Of course not. He disdainfully committed himself to continuing his illegal actions in a way that almost dared the people of this country to try stopping him. To which I can only quote the President himself.

“Bring ’em on!”

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