Dust – The Secret Danger that is Present in Every Home

If you want a healthy life then it’s a good idea to start with your home. For people with allergies and asthma, a clean home can make living a happy life a lot easier. Dust is present in every home, even in clean houses, but the less dust present the easier it is for people suffering from allergies to breathe. Dust is made up of a variety of things including dirt, pollen, hair, and human skin.

Even though dust is everywhere in the house, it is specifically attracted by electronics. Even though you may dust regularly, some dust is still present and is trapped inside the house thanks to closed windows, doors, and insulation. If the dust is too prevelent, it is possible for allergy suffers to suffer from coughing, wheezing and overall shortness of breath. Some great tips for dealing with dust in the home include using an air conditioner in the bedroom and dehumidifier. By lowering the humidity it is possible to reduce the number of dust mites in the air. Another simple way to reduce dust is to hang clothes in the closet or put them away in a drawer. If clothes are left out then they are more likely to collect dust mites and therefore be carried with you throughout the day. Next, for the children in your life, be sure to wash their stuffed animals regularly. The cute furry stuffed animals are dust magnets, by keeping them clean it will cut down on the affect of dust on the allergy sufferer. The carpet in houses is also a great dust collector. Consider replacing carpets with tile, hardwood, or linoleum tiles. The smooth surface is easier to keep clean and will collect less dust over time. While you may have dusted everything in site, don’t be too sure that all the dust is gone.

Two of the most common items in any room that attract the most dust are ceiling fans and mini blinds. Ceiling fans are always moving and collecting particles in the air. When the blades of the fan are stopped it is suddenly possible to see every spec of dust present on the blades. Mini blinds are no better when it comes to collecting dust. While they may be a little more time consuming to clean, if done regularly, the allergy sufferers in your home may just benefit from that little extra cleaning.

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