Dyson Vacuum Cleaners: The Way a Man Vacuums

Ladies, if you want your man to help around the house more, try getting a Dyson vacuum and put him to work vacuuming. Yes, I am a man and I admit to enjoy vacuuming. I wouldn’t do it without a Dyson vacuum.

The best way to describe my Dyson DC14 Complete is that it’s like having a space age looking upright vacuum cleaner with shop-vac like power. Yes, I own a shop-vac and use it for almost everything. However, it is nice that I don’t need to use it in the house. The Dyson vacuum cleaner’s sleek design is great. The extra attachments work wonders in the places they need to go. It picks up everything with ease, and since I have a cat that means it gets a workout.

With the Dyson DC14 Complete came the normal brush, flat head or stair tool, and crevice attachments, as well as the soft dusting brush, mini turbine head, low reach floor tool, and mattress tool. I would presume that is one of the reasons it’s called the Complete – it came with nearly all attachments. With all of the gadgets, I feel like it should have it’s own toolbox. Yes, if you are like me and you are a gadget man then you deserve the DC14 Complete.

But does it really do what it says it does? Yes! I’ve had my Dyson vacuum for two years and I do not have a complaint, neither does my wife because she doesn’t have to vacuum. It comes with a lifetime HEPA filter and it does seem to filter the air. The last vacuum cleaner we had lost suction and seemed to pass dust back into the air as well as kick particles around with its spinning bristles (noted by feeling particles, like cat litter, pelting my shins). Using the Dyson I see its power and don’t feel flying debris.

If you have animals I would recommend the Dyson DC14 Complete. They also have the Dyson DC14 Animal that comes with many of the similar attachments. I’ve used the mini turbine head every time I vacuum to clean furniture where the cat has been lying. The cat hair is gone in a flash.

The canister will get full and will need to be emptied. Perhaps the only part of the vacuuming that is the least fun. I just remove the canister from the Dyson and take it out into the garage to dump into a garbage bag. Dumping the dust is just as easy as a push of a button, reattach the canister and you are back in business. Every so often you will want to wipe out the vacuum’s canister with a damp cloth, but that’s not too difficult.

Dyson has a number of upright vacuum cleaners that are within anyone’s budget. They have different types that come with different accessories in all of their upright vacuum product ranges – DC07, DC14, DC15, DC17, and DC18. It spoke volumes that while the Sears salesman was giving me a demonstration of a Dyson vacuum a couple walked up and said they have one and absolutely love it. You can’t buy better advertising than strangers willing to share positive feedback.

Many Dyson vacuums have auto-carpet height adjustment, no bags to change or filters to buy. However, if the man in your house is like most men, it’s about power. Just like any power tool, car, or yard equipment – does it have power? Absolutely! According to Wikipedia, “the momentum of particles is so high that even cigarette smoke particles separate from the air.” That’s why I have one and perhaps that’s why you should buy your man a Dyson and convince him to start vacuuming. Tell him it’s like mowing the lawn, except indoors.

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