EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World: Future World

EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World is made up of two magical parts: Future World and the World Showcase. Depending on lines and the length of your stay at Walt Disney World, you may not be able to experience every attraction EPCOT Center has to offer. Not to worry, I’ll guide you through EPCOT Center’s two worlds, starting now with Future World, and let you know which attractions you can skip, and which attractions you absolutely must see for yourself.

In Future World at EPCOT Center, the first major attraction you’ll come to is Spaceship Earth, the tremendous sphere that is EPCOT’s identity. This is a slow-moving ride that was much more fascinating years ago when it was first designed. Still, the ride itself is interesting enough as you embark on a journey through time, and you’ll want to be able to say you traveled inside the EPCOT sphere. But don’t wait on a long line for Spaceship Earth. If you see one, return later, because this is no longer one EPCOT’s hotter attractions.

The hottest attractions at EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World are those that provide the most thrills. One of those is Test Track. Ever dream of being a Crash Test Dummy? Well, here’s your chance. Test Track is an exciting fast-speed ride where you’ll “test drive” a vehicle through all types of hazards. I highly recommend you use your Fast Pass because waiting times at Test Track could be a couple hours long.

Another hot attraction at EPCOT Center is Mission: Space. Walt Disney World took some heat over this ride because of two recent deaths which occurred after the ride ended. (Both decedents suffered pre-existing conditions). Nevertheless, Disney now offers a less thrilling version of the ride if you so wish. I didn’t find this ride all too thrilling to begin with. It’s nothing but a flight simulator with a video game screen. If you’re hesitant because of health reasons, skip it – you won’t be missing anything.

EPCOT Center’s newest attraction is Soarin’, which is described as an amazing free-flying adventure that gives you an aerial view of the beauty and splendor of California. I have not yet had the pleasure, so if you’ve tried Soarin’, please give us a brief review in the Comments section below.

One attraction at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center that I highly recommend (especially for the kids) is Journey Into the Imagination. You’ll step aboard a vehicle and be led by Figment through the Imagination Institute which holds hilarious labs testing sight, sound and smell.

Another great attraction for the kids is “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.” Professor Wayne Szalinski, played by Rick Moranis, is being given an award, but this 3D awards ceremony will have you jumping, ducking, shrieking and shrinking, not to mention laughing out loud.

There are three other attractions at Future World which you should visit only if you have the time and if long lines don’t keep you away. The worst of the three is The Living Seas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sea, but this isn’t a ride and there isn’t much to “see.” Save the time at EPCOT Center, and visit Sea World in Orlando.

The second is The Land. If there’s no line, take this relaxing boat ride, but the kids may not be too impressed looking in wonderment at…vegetables growing. It’s bad enough they have to eat them!

Finally, there’s Body Wars. This is a turbulent trip through the human body via flight simulator that you may find gross. If flight sims are your thing, go to Mission: Space or visit Star Tours over at MGM Studios.

That’s it for EPCOT Center’s Future World in Walt Disney World. Be sure to check back for my article on the World Showcase at EPCOT Center. And don’t miss my articles on where to stay and where to dine in Walt Disney World!

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