EShave: Shaving in Style

When Danielle Malka created the eShave line of wet shaving products, she wanted to add a strong dose of style and luxury to the every-day shaving routine. Malka, a marketing consultant and artist, came up with her idea to launch a high-end line of wet shaving products as she worked in the European toiletries industry. She created eShave in May of 1996, having designed the products, herself.

A Change of Pace

The eShave product line is aimed at the young and fashion-conscious, and those who don’t mind spending what many would consider a scandalous amount of money on a razor; an object that is often thought of as unimportant, but necessary. Today, there is the growing desire to make our small, daily tasks easier, and we want to finish them quickly. We are always looking to save time wherever we can. We use electric razors. We buy bundles of disposable razors, use them, then discarding them without a second thought. eShave seems to represent the opposite of that, promoting luxury in places where people don’t often pamper themselves. Danielle Malka wants eShave to transform shaving into a ritual that is to be savored, and rarely rushed.

Artistic Inspiration

eShave razors are unisex, and fitted with Gillette Mach 3 razor blades. The razors, badger hair brushes, and stands, with their elegant and sensuous lines, echo jewelry fabrication and European art. They have a unique style that is neither completely antique nor futuristic, but somewhere in-between. The special eShave Design Collection features curious items inspired by famous artists like Rene Magritte, and Salvador Dali. Other designs within this collection mimic the movements of Spanish and Turkish dance.

A Closer Look and a Close Shave

Razor and badger hair brush handles in bold shades of blue, purple, ivory, smoke, and green lucite, and metals in shades of nickel, brown/black, and gold, make for stunning color combinations. They set eShave products apart from others, as well. Upon visiting the eShave website, one can design a custom razor, badger hair brush, and stand set, using a fast-loading interface that features large, crisp product images, in combinations that change with the click of the mouse. This gives the potential buyer a chance to create and preview a shaving set that is funky and colorful, light and airy, or dark and masculine.

eShave products are non-disposable, crafted in fine materials, and designed to last for years. If you like frequent change, an eShave razor may not be a good investment. There’s also the issue of sterilization. Disposable razors can be thrown out before they become questionable. Those concerned will have to put some time into sterilizing an eShave razor for as long as it is used. Being more porous than metal, lucite, an acrylic, tends to harbor more bacteria. That’s something to consider before giving yourself a close shave.

eShave Skin Care

The eShave line is completed with skin care products designed to nourish and pamper the skin. The products consist of creams, soaps, and after shaves, in aromatic scents like citrus, floral, avocado, almond, lavender, and cucumber. They are designed to make shaving a soothing experience, while working to keep skin healthy. eShave skin care products are comparable to others, and so, they compete with better products on the market, many of which cost less. On the other hand, it’s the owners of core eShave products buying the majority of the skin care products, because they are enthusiastic about the razors. eShave also includes their skin care line in gift sets.

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