Easi-Twist Jar Opener: Review

I used to have a lot of strength in my hands, and when my mom would ask me to open a jar for her, I thought that they weren’t scred on that hard. But now I’m 52 and on the other end of the stick, and I am struggling to get many different lids off of bottles and cans.

One day I spied a cool looking tool in the household section of my grocery store, and for $7 I had to give this a try! If it worked as well as I thought it would, it would be the best $7 I have invested in a long time!


The Easi-Twist Jar Opener measures 9.5″ H x 4″ W x 1″ D, and is made of a sturdy molded plastic. They come in a variety of colors, and mine is red on the outside with an orange rubber insert on the inside. The item is in the shape of a nutcracker, with hand grooves on the outside of the opener. The inside has four orange circles, and the tool is adjustable to fit each jar perfectly. The largest circle measures 2 3/4″ in diameter, and the smallest closes to 1/2″, so this will fit on a lot of bottles.

To use, you put the proper sized circle over the lid you want to loosen, squeeze the Easi-Twist until it is good and snug, then you hold the jar and turn the Easi-Twist in a counter-clockwise direction. The handle is ergonomically designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort.


This works well, and takes much less force to open my jars! The rubberized circles are skid resistant, and won’t slip off of the lids when I am turning the handle. You can hold either end of the tool to get the most leverage too. For small jars, I hold onto the fat end, and vise versa for large jars. It even works on small caps like wine bottles. I love Arbor Mist wine beverages, but I cannot get the lids off. I even called the company and asked if the lids were supposed to be hard to unscrew, and they said no. My husband even struggles with the lids! The last time I took my Peach Chardonnay Arbor Mist to a party, two men worked at the cap before they finally removed it! I am happy to report that with the Easi-Twist Jar Opener, I am able to do it all by myself!

I feel so good not having to run to my husband for assistance every time there is a jar or bottle that I can’t open. It’s very frustrating, and if I were living alone I can’t imagine what I would do without a tool like the Easi-Twist!

The only thing I don’t care for is that this tool is not dishwasher safe, but it doesn’t get very dirty, only when I have the occasional spill from my jars, and then I can easily wash it under running water, or some dish soap if it’s sticky, and it’s like new. I also like that this doesn’t take up much room in my utensil drawer, and because of the bright red and orange colors it’s easy to spot.

My husband owns a strap wrench, and I have attempted to use it on stubborn jars in the past, but the Easi-Twist is so much easier and convenient. No more threading the rubber strap through the handle. Just place the jar into the proper size circle, squeeze and twist! It works on small bottles the size of nail polish remover, even caps on medicine bottles. There isn’t much this won’t help me open.

If you have lost weakness in your hands from age, arthritis, or any other reason, I highly recommend you get yourself an Easi-Twist Jar Opener!

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