Easter for Teenagers

Remember when your kids still believed in the Easter Bunny? It was so fun to watch them search for eggs and tear into their baskets for jellybeans and chocolate rabbits. Now they are teenagers and the Easter bunny is probably one of their friends in a white fluffy suit.

You still want to celebrate the holiday but don’t want to embarrass them. Here are some soon to be time-honored suggestions from teenager Wren Howard-Hirsch.

Attend Church Together. Make sure everyone knows that it will happen the day before so that no one is surprised or reluctant to participate. Explain that it is an American cultural tradition and you want them to experience it at least once in their lives.

Shop for an Easter Outfit. Don’t be surprised if at first they choose all black or rude clothing. It is appropriate to request dress clothing. Easter is a holiday to be dashing and the tradition is one worth passing on.

Make a Music Basket. CDs, headphones, sheet music (for budding musicians) cassette tapes, photos of their idols and small cases for holding various portable equipment are good ideas

Make a Craft Basket- Teenagers like to make things themselves so a basket containing fun cut scissors, rubber stamps, colored glitter, (They will sprinkle it on their clothes no doubt.) fun papers and paint pens would get them started on a project (maybe a thank you letter to their mom?

Make a Grooming Basket- Colognes and perfumes, scented deodorants, combs and brushes, barrettes, paint on or spray on hair color and tie bands fit into any sized basket and are always welcomed by self conscious teens.

Hide the Goods. Easter Egg hunts are for little kids but hide money, tickets or a cd of their favorite bands and any kid will tear apaprt your house to find it. Be prepared for complaining, they don’t want you to know they are thrilled that you remember the good old days this way.

They may be too old for lacy bonnets and pastel ties but some things you never outgrow; don’t forget the malt eggs and jelly beans!

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