Easy Set Pools Effectively Cool You Down in the Summer

This article is a review on the Easy Set Pools. I recently bought a 12-by-30-inch easy set pool for this summer just to get cooled off for my family and myself. These types of pools are very unstable as it is, but it fits the purpose why I bought the pool. It cools you off on those hot days in the summer.

Our pool, pool the way we have it set up is very unlevel so take my advice, do not set this pool up on unlevel ground because you will have the same effect I am having with mine. The water leans all to one side and it looks like it is getting ready to collapse.

My advice is to put sand underneath the pool or ground cloth before filling the pool. Yeah I know I should have had more common sense than to just not put sand under my ground cloth, but this is the first time ever in my life that I have had a pool and I did not know all the tricks to it.

The good review about the Easy Set Pool, is all you have to do to fill it is blow up the blue ring at the top of the pool and fill it with water and as you are filling it is rises itself. That is so convenient.

Most pools you have to set the whole thing up, get it to stand up right and then fill it with water. Not these ones. It is a very good invention if you know what you are doing in the first place, which I didn’t.

Now knowing what I have to do in order for it to be level on all sides, I have to empty the whole entire pool, buy sand to put under the ground cloth to make it perfectly level, and pay someone to haul water to me to put in my pool. We have a well so it is kind of hard to keep filling the pool over and over again. We run out of water quickly that way.

So if you are thinking of buying a Easy Set Pool, I suggest the metal framed ones rather than the non metal framed ones. It is just more easier and convenient to have the metal frame to support the pool than having nothing to support the pool.

Overall, this pool is not a bad deal for $70, but I would rather pay the $70 on a framed pool that I know would last a lot longer than the one I have now. So, now you guys know my opinion on the Easy Set Pools, but that is only one opinion. Judge for yourself but please put sand or something underneath of it first to make it level or you will be having the problem I am having right now.

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