Easy Ways to Fix Holes in Mobile Home Paneling

Paneled walls are not in style, but many trailer homes that were built before the 1980’s are covered from one end to the next with wooden panels. They can look fantastic if they are well cared for, but they can become damaged by doorknobs, furniture, picture hangers or even fists. In any case, you can fix holes in mobile home paneling. Although an extra piece of the same material will not likely match, the damage can be effectively covered in a stylish and practical way.

Apply Decorative Wall Appliques

If paneling in your mobile home has holes at mid or upper range, consider using wall appliques to fix the problem. It is not necessary to fill them in before applying the decals. They come in all sizes, shapes and subjects, and as long as they are solid in color, they will effectively cover the damage while adding to the decorating scheme.

Hang a Full-Length Mirror

Depending on where the damage is located, you can fix the holes in mobile home paneling by covering them with a full-length mirror. Decide whether or not a mirror would look right in the location of the damage. It would not look appropriate in a living room or a kitchen, but it would be ideal in a bedroom and possibly a bathroom or hallway.

Fix a Hole with a Hidden Wall Safe

One of the best methods to fix a hole in a paneled wall is also one of the most useful. If the hole or holes are at outlet height, add a unique wall safe. Search online for plastic outlet wall safes. They look just like plastic plug-ins, but they have a secret compartment for holding money, jewelry and other small items of value.

Hang a Variety of Circular Mirrors over and around the Holes

If the paneling in your mobile home has a number of holes in a single location, fix them with wall-mounted decor. Buy an array of round mirrors in various shapes and similar sizes. Hang them over the damaged areas. Although they will not fix the paneling, they will fix the problem since no one will be able to see the damage.

Source: Professional Home Decorating Experience

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