Easy Ways to Remove Hard Water Spots on Chrome

Beautiful chrome bathroom or kitchen fixtures are not a stylish part of the decorating scheme when they are covered with hard water spots. Once they become spotted and ugly they are nothing more than a working component of the kitchen or bathroom. Those with hard water can count on ending up with spots on chrome fixtures, even if they clean them regularly. It takes more than ordinary cleaners to safely remove the unsightly marks. Natural cleaning agents and unique home remedies often work better than anything else.

I am living in a home with hard water, and even though the chrome bathroom and kitchen fixtures are top of the line, they look terrible when covered with spots. I have used store bought lime removers and other products, but they do not work nearly as well as my favorite home cleaning remedies. Try all of the following easy ways to remove hard water spots on chrome, and figure out what works best to get rid of the minerals on your fixtures. The results will depend upon how long the hard water spots have been on the chrome and whether or not it was previously damaged by chemical products.

Use a Dryer Sheet and Rinse Agent to Remove Hard Water Spots

The best method that I found to remove hard water spots on chrome requires an ordinary dryer sheet and dishwasher rinse agent. Apply liquid rinse agent of your choice to an unused dryer sheet. Gently scrub away the hard water spots. To avoid further problems, buff the chrome with a dry microfiber cloth. The rinse agent will help repel the hard water, and the chrome will stay cleaner longer.

Remove Hard Water Spots on Chrome with White Vinegar

Before I discovered the dryer sheet and rinse agent method to remove hard water spots from chrome, I used plain white vinegar. It also works to gently dissolve the minerals that create the ugly marks. Keep a spray bottle of white vinegar on hand, and use it to remove hard water spots at least once a week. They are much easier to get rid of when the chrome is properly cleaned on a regular basis because they have less time to solidify.

Remove Hard Water Spots with Baking Soda Paste

If you do not have dishwasher rinse agent and a dryer sheet or white vinegar on hand, search your pantry or fridge for a box of baking soda. Make baking soda paste by adding a small amount of water, and use the homemade cleaner to gently remove hard water spots on chrome faucets and handles. Unlike store bought cleanser that is highly abrasive, it will not scratch or otherwise damage the chrome.

Source: Personal Cleaning Experience

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