Easy Ways to Remove Paper that is Stuck to a Wood Table

When someone places a glass on a piece of paper in an effort to protect a wood table, it will not prevent damage. If the glass sweats and the paper is not picked up before it dries, it will become stuck to the wood. The longer it stays, the more difficult it will be to remove. Ordinary furniture polish on a cloth will not remove the mess. On the contrary, the varnish will come off before the fibers are rubbed away. However, it can be cleaned using one of the following easy methods. A postcard became stuck to my wood coffee table, and I was able to remove it in just a matter of minutes.

Precautionary Statement

The following easy ways to remove paper that is stuck to a wood table should only be used if the surface is sealed. To find out if it is properly sealed, place a small drop of water in an inconspicuous location. If the water beads up, the surface is safe to clean. If it soaks into the wood, do not use these methods to remove paper. In any case, try a method of choice in an inconspicuous location before attempting to clean a wood table. Use commonsense, and do not continue if the surface becomes discolored or appears damaged in any way.

Use Warm Oil to Remove Paper that is Stuck to a Wood Table

My ex mother-in-law used to refinish furniture, and she recommended using warm oil to remove paper that was stuck to a wood table. Warm citrus oil for 10 to 15 seconds in a microwave safe bowl. The length of time that it will take to warm will depend upon the amount as well as the microwave wattage. In any case, do not walk away from the microwave, and do not overheat the oil. Use a soft clean rag to saturate the paper that is stuck to the wood. Allow it to soak in for several minutes. Dip the tip of the rag into the warm oil again, and use it to rub away the mess. Some people recommend using fine steel wool to remove paper stuck to wood, but when improperly used it can ruin the finish.

Scrub it Away with a Warm Orange Peel

When I ended up with paper stuck to my wood table, I did not have lemon or orange oil on hand. However, I had an orange. The peel contains natural orange oil, and the white membrane makes a fantastic scrubber. It will not scratch delicate surfaces. I used a large piece of orange peel to remove the paper that was stuck to my wood table. I heated the peel in the microwave for about five seconds, and I gently scrubbed it away. The wood was not damaged, and I did not have to buy special cleaners or chemical products to remove pieces of an old postcard that had become stuck to the table because of a sweaty glass.

Sources: Helen Hall and Personal Cleaning Experience

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