Easy Ways to Remove a Hard Water Ring in a Toilet Bowl

Those with well water have more to worry about than rust stains on clothing. Mineral buildup can develop on bathroom and kitchen fixtures, in sinks, on shower walls and floors, and in bathtubs. A stubborn and unsightly ring can also form in the toilet bowl. Toilet bowl cleaner will not remove the most stubborn rings, even those formulated to break through rust and hard water stains. Use these easy ways to remove a ring in a toilet, and clean and restore the bowl instead of replacing it.

Begin with White Vinegar

It is always best to begin using the least abrasive and the least caustic cleaners when trying to remove a mineral deposits or any other types of stain. White vinegar will cut through hardened minerals, and it is the cheapest solution. It is also safe and completely natural.

Remove the water in the toilet bowl by pouring a full bucket inside. It will automatically flush, but the bowl will not fill back up. While it is empty, add straight white vinegar. Allow it to work on the mineral ring for about thirty minutes. Use a bathroom scrub sponge to remove the hard water ring. If it will not budge, flush the toilet and try the next option.

Bar Keeper’s Friend Cleanser Works

My favorite cleaning product for hard water stains is Bar Keeper’s Friend Cleanser. It seems to magically dissolve mineral stains, and it will work to remove a ring if it is not too stubborn. However, the product can scratch delicate surfaces if water is not mixed in during the cleaning process. Follow product directions for warnings and additional usage tips.

To remove a ring from the toilet, empty the water from the bowl by adding a bucket of water. As previously mentioned, the toilet will flush without filling back up. Once it is empty, sprinkle a generous amount of Bar Keeper’s Friend on the hard water ring. Allow the product to work for about twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, use the rough side of a thoroughly wet scrub sponge to remove the ring. If the Bar Keeper’s Friend does not do the trick, you will need to try something with a little more muscle.

Use a Pumice Stone

A pumice stone can be used to remove a hard water ring in a toilet bowl. It is not necessary to empty the toilet bowl. Water is required to prevent scratching the porcelain. Wet the pumice stone, and use it to remove the ring. It will work to remove the ring, but it will take a little more elbow grease than the aforementioned options.

Source: Personal Experience with Well Water and Cleaning Hard Water Stains

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