Ebay – Reviewing a Members Feedback & Questioning a Seller

How To Review A Member’s Feedback

Before actually bidding on an item you are interested in on Ebay, is it a good idea to read the positive and negative feedback that was left about the seller’s previous sales, and to check for a positive feedback score. This is not an extremely difficult task and does not take much time at all.

Once you see an item on Ebay that interests you, click on the link beside the picture to see more information about the item itself, and the information about the seller. Under the seller’s information, on the right hand side of the page, you will see a link that says “Read feedback comments”. You should click that link in order to read positive or negative feedback left about the seller on past sales.

Another way to read a seller’s positive or negative feedback, is to click their member name when you see it with a number beside it. The seller’s member name will often be blue. Once you click the seller’s member name, you will be able to view positive or negative feedback that has been left about the seller and view their feedback score.

Checking for positive and negative feedback on a seller, before deciding to place a bid, is always a good idea. Following the steps above should simply the process.

How To Question the Seller

If you have found an item that interests you, but you would like to ask the seller a few questions, the process is pretty simple. The following paragraphs will help you to successfully ask the seller a question prior to placing a bid.

First, you must be logged into your Ebay account in order to ask the seller a question. If you are not logged in, you are not permitted to communicate with other Ebay members via the web page.

Once you log in, and you have found an item of interest, click on the link beside the photo of the item. This will take you to the page where you can place a bid, read descriptive information about the item of interest, and usually view a photograph of the item. If you continue to scroll down this page, past all the above information, at the very bottom of the page you will see a link that says “Ask seller a question”. You should click that link.

Once you click that link, you will be able to fill out a form asking your question about the item. When the form is complete, you should hit the send button below the form. Ebay will send your question to the seller.

Sometimes an Ebay member may want to bid on an item, but they have a question about it first. Asking the seller a question about the item an Ebay member might want to bid on is not very hard.

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