Ebay – the First Steps to Getting Your Very Own Account

Before you can buy or sell on Ebay, there are two basic steps that everyone must complete: signing up and creating a unique user name. Once you complete these first two steps, you can begin to search for and place a bid on any items you wish.

How To Become A Member

As online auctions become the new, more time efficient way to shop, many people are looking to become members of Ebay. Becoming a member may seem hard, but this article will take you through each of the steps.

First, you must go to the home page of Ebay’s web page. The internet address you should type into your tool bar: www.ebay.com. This will take you to Ebay’s official home page.

From there you will see a blue button that says “register”. Clicking that button will take you to your next step to becoming an Ebay member.

Once you click the blue register button, you will be viewing a page that requests your personal information, and a copy of Ebay’s user policy and privacy policy. You must fill in all of the required information, and accept both the user and privacy policies. Once you do this, click the continue button you will see at the bottom of the page.

Now you will be able to create your user name and password. Choose a password that scores a high level of security on the bar beside where you are entering it. Once you select a security question and answer, click the next button.

After following these steps, Ebay will send a validation email to the email address you provided. Once you click the link in that validation email, you will be an official Ebay member.

How To Choose Your Member Name

When you register to become an Ebay member, you are prompted to enter a user name and a password of your choice. Here are some valuable guidelines to consider when picking a good, acceptable user name for your Ebay account.

An Ebay user name is the name that will be used to identify you to other Ebay members, so you should make it unique to you, without providing too much personal information, and make it easy to remember. For example, you could use words identifying your favorite football team, or something that indicates your favorite pastime activity. If the user name you choose is already taken, try adding numbers.

There are some rules Ebay has when choosing your user name, and they are as follows:

– Your user name must be at least two characters long
– Your user name cannot contain spaces
– Obscene, profane, or user names that violate Ebay’s guidelines will not be accepted
– Your user name cannot be or represent an email address or URL address.
– Some characters will not be accepted in your user name.

Using the guidelines above should help you tremendously in choosing an acceptable member user name for you Ebay account.

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