Eco Friendly Floors: Cork Floors

Cork floors are a popular trend in home d�©cor that is gaining quite a bit of popularity. Most of us think of cork boards more than we think of cork floors in our home. That being said, cork floors add beauty, comfort, and quite a bit of style to any home.

Eco Friendly

Cork flooring is made from the bark of trees, specifically Oak cork trees. Every none years the bark is removed from the trees. The trees remain intact and regrow their bark over the next nine years.

With a huge emphasis on green building materials, cork is an affordable, long lasting, and great looking floor option that allows almost any home improvement budget to take it into consideration.


Cork comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit almost any taste. You will find warm and inviting wood tones that compliment any home in America.


Cork floor has been gaining popularity for how it looks, as well as its amazing longevity. One of the most important features of cork flooring is that it is extremely resilient, no matter how much pressure and foot traffic the flooring is exposed to.

This longevity and durability makes cork flooring popular with families and people who love to entertain.

Another important feature in the longevity of cork flooring is that termites do not like cork. Homes in Southern climates especially can benefit from cork flooring.

Special Qualities of Cork Flooring

Cork is well known as a sound proofing agent. So, cork floors offer great sound proofing qualities which is wonderful for condos and town homes as well as single family homes with multiple levels.

Cleaning Cork Floors

Cork flooring can be cleaned easily in a very similar method to wood floors. You do not want to saturate cork floor or they can buckle and damage. A simple damp cloth is all you need.

Cork is impervious to water and other liquids, but you do not any water to come between the cork flooring and your sub floor.


One of the final reason cork flooring is fast becoming a huge design trend is the cost. You can get that rich brown look of wood for about half the cost installed.

Even after you save money on the purchase of your cork flooring you can save more money because cork flooring can be installed directly over existing flooring. Cork flooring can be installed as a floating floor or even glued to a sub floor, which makes it super easy to install.

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