Eco-Friendly Products for Dogs: Biodegradable Poop Bags

Any dog owner knows how many times a day a dog goes to the bathroom. They also know how much their dog goes to the bathroom, both of which require bags to put the feces into so that it can get thrown out into the garbage. If you’re a dog owner think about how many times since you’ve had your dog that you’ve thrown their feces into a plastic bag which ended up in the landfill. As more and more plastic bags are getting eliminated from supermarkets and other stores, you need to start finding additional bags to put the feces in to. Here are where biodegradable poop bags come in. currently sells one hundred percent biodegradable poop bags that ship free of charge. They currently offer two types of poop bags. The green bags come in a roll of fifty bags and are made from wheat, corn, potatoes, and tapioca. The black bags come in a bundle of one hundred and are made with corn. There are three options for purchasing the regular sized poop bags that measure eight inches wide and twelve inches long. They offer a one month pack which is currently $18.98 and includes one hundred bags, a three month pack which is currently $26.95 and includes two hundred bags, and an annual supply which is currently $59.99 and includes six hundred bags. The jumbo poop bags come in two quantities; 350 bags that are currently $49.85 and 700 bags that are currently $79.55. They also currently sell tall kitchen bags that come in two quantities; 72 that are currently $47.95 and 120 which are currently $64.95. The biodegradable poop bags, if placed in an open landfill, will decompose within 60 to ninety days. currently sells Compostable Biodegradable Dog Waste Poop Bags. One box of bags is currently $4.99, a box of 600 is currently $49.90 and a box of 3000 is currently $199.95. They state that they are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. carries one hundred percent biodegradable and composatable poop bags. They are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. In a controlled composting environment or an open landfill, the site states that the bags will decompose between ten and forty-five days. For a pack of fifty regular sized dog bags that are about 8 inches by twelve and a half inches, there are several pricings depending on how many packages you purchase. Currently the prices are as follows: one package is $7.49, two packages are $13.99, four packages are $25.99, eight packages are $47.99, and twelve packages are $59.99. For a pack of thirty five large sized dog bags that are about ten inches by fourteen inches, the prices are the same as the regular bags, but remember the quantity of bags in each package is fewer then in the regular sized packages of bags.

Biodegradable poop bags are a great alternative to using plastic bags. It’s a great small step for those that are looking to be more eco-conscious.

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