Eighteen Diet Friendly Foods

No matter what diet program is chosen, most dieters feel that some of their favorite foods are forbidden. Sometimes they are but there are many foods that provide delicious nutrition without adding calories OR fat. These eighteen easy to find, simple to prepare foods range from proteins to provide energy to fruits and even candy!

If you find that your favorite pork chops pack too many calories or that fried catfish has too much fat, look for alternatives. A 3 and 1/2 ounce serving of water packed tuna has less than a gram of fat, just 116 calories but offers 25 grams of protein. Shrimp – unless its’ deep fried – has less cholesterol than most shellfish but less fat – just one gram for three ounces of broiled or boiled shrimp. At just 84 calories, shrimp can be a tasty treat. Shrimp also packs heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

If fish fails to hook your appetite, try poultry. Lean, roasted turkey breast without the skin offers less than a gram of fat for a 3 and 1/2 ounce serving. At a scant 135 calories, turkey breast also provides healthy doses of Vitamin B-12, zinc, and iron. A skinless chicken breast when baked, broiled, or microwaved weighs in with three grams of fat and substantial protein.

Spice up that seafood or poultry with condiments. Fat free salsa offers a burst of flavor as a topping. So do spicy mustard and horseradish. Don’t limit your flavorful experience to meats – add any of the above to vegetables, baked potatoes, or even an egg white omelet.

Add a side of pasta to your entr�©e for a healthy serving of carbohydrate with little fat and some protein. Low-fat sauce toppers like marinara add zest. A cup of cooked pasta adds less than a full gram of fat and has just 186 calories. Choose a whole-wheat or vegetable base pasta for more fiber and less fat.

Tuck your tuna or turkey breast into a whole wheat pita bread pocket for a delightful sandwich with low calories, low fat, and great taste. Start your meal with a cup of tomato soup with only 85 calories (made with water, not milk) and two grams of fat. It will help to fill your tummy in a delicious, low fat fashion.

Another tomato based favorite is a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary made with spicy tomato juice and a stick of celery for the swizzler. This fun mixer allows you to enjoy cocktail hour with a mere 35 fat free calories and some beta carotene as a bonus.

Fruits that offer maximum taste and low fat appeal include cantaloupe. A cup of this sweet melon offers more Vitamin C and beta carotene than orange juice with just 60 calories and less than one fat gram. A fresh pear has 98 calories and almost no fat. Strawberries check in with just 43 calories for a cup and less than a fat gram. Strawberries also provide fiber, potassium, and a whopping 140% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C. You don’t have to be a monkey to enjoy ripe bananas. These long, yellow favorites may even lower blood pressure while filling your tummy. At just 108 calories and less than a full gram of fat, bananas are satisfying.

Add a dollop of real whipped cream to those berries or sugar free pudding or gelatin. Rich and delicious, whipped cream has only one fat gram per serving and just 8 calories.

If candy is a favorite, try a single Tootsie Pop with 60 calories and no fat. For a richer taste, try one Butterscotch drop. Savor it for about fifteen minutes and enjoy the taste with a low 25 calories and no fat.

If you prefer a cookie, try a couple of fortune cookies. These favorites from Oriental take-out have just 30 calories and no fat.

For those who want a salty, crunchy treat, try a handful (about five) regular size pretzels. You’ll gain maximum crunch with very little fat. To avoid water retention from the salt, choose a no-salt variety. An ounce of either has just 108 calories.

Rather than cheat on your diet with calorie rich foods or fatty treats, use these simple foods to satisfy those cravings and stay slim!

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