Electric Space Heaters – How to Stay Warm and Safe at the Same Time

Electric space heaters are becoming more popular, especially during the cold winter season we’re now having. This is due in part to the high costs of fuel to continue to heat your home in the conventional way. This is where electric space heaters can help give you save a substantial amount of money while giving added warmth in your home at the same time. And that is a great combination on days when the temperature struggles to make it past the freezing mark. The new models of electric space heaters are now very energy-efficient and a good heating option.

These space heaters work out quite well in keeping rooms of approximately 250 square feet warm. Even though they are not designed for permanent use, if used properly they will give off much needed heat. One point to keep in the back of your head is the fact that older heaters should not be used. Many of these space heaters were made before newer safety standards came into play. I would not recommend using them in your home.

There are really only 3 different kinds of portable space heaters – electric, gas and kerosene. Personally, I would rule out using gas or kerosene inside your home. They can work great in a garage or outbuilding, but indoors is another story. Electric heaters are really your best choice, as well as the most economical one. Not only will you not have the odor of kerosene or gas, but the newest space heaters are safer and easier to handle. Some even have cool touch housings to prevent burns.

Of course, the biggest point with using an electric space heater is always going to be safety. It should always be yours also. Here’s some quick tips in what to look for and how you can stay safe this winter season:

1. Be sure that any heater you buy is clearly marked with a safety tag. It should also have a UL sticker that lets you know it meets the safety guidelines that are put in place by the Underwriters Laboratories.

2. Never plug in an older electric heater that doesn’t meet the current safety standards. If you have doubts, throw it out.

3. The heater should always be set down on a solid base, not on a pillow or blanket, etc.

4. Always give at least three feet of clearance between the heater and anything around it.

5. The best choice of electric space heaters are the ones that are ceramic. Not only are they the most energy efficient, but they are also the safest.

6. Does your space heater have an automatic shut-off? It should if it doesn’t. This is an important safety feature.

7. Be sure to follow any and all of the the safety precautions put out by the manufacturer.

If you need more information on any of these safety tips you can go online to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and search for electric space heater fact sheets. Staying warm when the weather is freezing is important to everyone, but staying safe while using an electric space heater is equally important. By following these safety tips you should be able to do both.

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