Electricity at Lower Than Utility Prices?

Yes, it has become possible in parts of California, Arizona and Oregon thanks to SolarCity. Now solar energy is commercially viable. You can also take it on solarlease with no down payment. Solar cells on your rooftop generate electricity for your use. When solar energy is not giving needed power you are automatically switched to grid power.

Established in 2006, SolarCity is already the leading residential solar power provider in California. It is a full service solar power company providing financing, design, installation, repair and monitoring. One thing it is not doing is that it is not manufacturing those solar panels, so it can source them at cheapest prices in an already commoditized business.

Solarlease helps in convincing those who fear the high initial cost with no money down. Whenever sun goes down, you will not even know the seamless switchover to grid power. The monthly payments for solar lease along with the reduced utility bill are significantly lower than just grid power for those who have a monthly bill of $200 or more. You have the option of cancelling the lease and actually owning the system. Once the lease runs out, you get to own it and continue to get electricity. Since the system does not have many moving parts, you can keep using them. There are 40 year old solar systems still in good condition.

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