Eliminate the Lice in Your Pet

Does your pet look like she’s trying to scratch herself in two places at one time? If you part her hair and see little white eggshells attached to the hair, this means your pet has lice. Didn’t know pets could get lice? Well, it is not a common occurrence like it is in people but it can happen and if it does there are a number of things you can do to eliminate lice in your pet.

The first thing you can do to eliminate lice is to give your pet a nice bath with medicated shampoos that kill lice and other insects. For mild cases, use a shampoo with 0.05 solution and for more serious cases use a shampoo with 0.15 percent solution. Wash your pet with the shampoo once a week for three weeks. To allow the shampoo to really be effective, leave it on for about five minutes before rinsing. Be careful not to get the shampoo in your pet’s eyes.

Since lice are contagious in humans then it is contagious in pets. Even if the other pets in your life don’t have lice it is still a good thing to treat them anyway. Give them the same medicated bath once a week and spray them often. However if you have a dog and a cat in your household and the dog has lice, you don’t need to treat the cat and vice versa. Lice in pets are pet specific and don’t transfer from one type of pet to another. Also lice don’t transfer from pet to human either, so even if you are itching it’s not because of lice.

Another thing you can do to eliminate and prevent lice in your pet is to use a flea and lice spray along with the medicated shampoo twice a week to prevent any lice from developing. You can also use powder along with the medicated shampoo and spray, although powder is not as effective as the other two, it will still work in conjunction with the others to help eliminate lice. To totally eliminate lice from re-infesting in your pet, make sure all bedding, brushes, rugs or carpet, and anything else your pet comes in contact with be washed thoroughly.

You can eliminate the itch lice cause by using over the counter medications such as Benadryl. Always check with you vet on the recommended dosage. You can also give your pet some supplements to eliminate the lice in your pets much quicker. Vitamin E and C help tremendously producing healthier skin. You can find these supplements in pet stores. If your pet has a severe case of lice, make sure you take them to the vet. Lice, like ticks, suck blood out of your pet and this could cause your pet to lose an enormous amount of blood causing shock or anemia.

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