Elitism: The Most Effective and Realistic Form of Government

I find it irrelevant to argue whether or not this country should be egalitarian or a more elitist society. In my opinion, the only way to make the United States successful is by having a society based on positive liberty, thus allowing the elitists to control the country and make the most important decisions whether the masses want it or not. I am by no means an elitist because I have no social importance, money, or the know-how to get things done. I merely realize that if the mass population was to make all the decisions in the country, the United States would be nothing more than a wasteland of failed attempts to achieve idealistic nirvana.

Think of it this way: if one were to have six apples, the chance of one being rotten would be fairly slim. Now imagine if one were to have in one’s possession at least a million apples. The odds of a rotten apple being in the latter group are extremely high. It’s like that in reality as well. A select number of people make the decisions as opposed to the entire country. I’m not proclaiming that the elites of the world are the most intelligent or most qualified to perform such important tasks, but these people do have a lot of money, influence, and quite possibly the most resources to make the best decisions. In such a fast-paced society as the one we live in, it is difficult to constantly keep abreast of all the events that occur that would have an impact on the U.S.

One could argue that an elitist society would rub the Bill of Rights the wrong way. This is a feeble attempt at arguing the side of egalitarians everywhere, and a person that argues that point is an excellent reason why elitism is superior. Perhaps people should quit hiding behind the Bill of Rights and realize that the chance to be an elitist exists in every soul on American soil. Heaven forbid the climb to elitism contains hard work, sacrifice, and the constant yearning for knowledge! Why can’t we all just have money and power fall into our laps like other elites? Unfortunately, this is not the case. The regular citizens must fight to become elites, and in the long run will realize it was worth it because even the simplest mind can attest to getting a kick out of bossing people around and making decisions that affect a large mass.

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