Enduring Ache

Slithering questions, past my eyes
Disbelief reigns true within.

Doubtful love strolls away.

Speck of sentiment, gratifies the heavens
As sure as the rain from my eyes fill my heart.

Absent thoughts crave my mind
for answers belonging to someone else.

Keep me veiled from the pain
That my soul endures.

Betrayal reigns deep
As the waves of anger overflow
to that never ending puddle of seclusion.

Desire for fulfillment endures
A need for closure exists

Where is your arrow
to hemorrhage on my hands the
crimson water that fills my fists.

Perpetual sleep chases my soul
For that is what I seek.

A never ending recluse to a blind
love that strolled away and left me
for dead.

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