Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor beautiful summer evenings and nights are perfect times to spend with family and friends, cookouts, nights by the pool or simply admiring the view. Appropriate and efficient lighting can add the right ambiance to your summer nights and get-togethers. One must consider the purpose of the lighting they choose for their outdoors and keep in mind different ways to achieve an energy efficient lifestyle.

Outdoor lighting falls into categories, one or more combined, including: Aesthetic, Security and Utility. In order to make your outdoor lighting energy efficient consider the following suggestions:

Security and utility lighting does not necessarily need to be bright in order to be effective. Dimmer lighting can still detour danger from your home, and can also allow one to see around their property.

The use of fluorescent, high-intensity discharge or low pressure sodium lights is functional and wastes much less energy.

For security purposes, incandescent flood lights with combined photo sensors and motion sensors allow lights to be utilized only when necessary, instead of remaining on at all times. Also use photo sensors with fluorescent, high density discharge and low pressure sodium lights. Even though more energy efficient, they should also be used only when needed.

For aesthetic needs, make sure outdoor light fixtures have reflectors, deflectors and covers in order to minimize light pollution and create more energy efficiency.

Timers and other controls to turn off decorative lighting should be used to turn on and off decorative lighting around your property.

There have been great gains in solar lighting options and should be looked into as possible options. Renewable energy cuts your own energy costs and helps out the environment.

Utilize 24 hour timers and photoelectric cells to turn lights on and off if you wish to make your home look occupied and provide a secure environment at specific times.

If you own a pool, check to ensure that any outlet near your pool has a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Inspect all electrical connections around your pool and make sure they are all in good working order.

Check pool lights for any sign of corrosion.

Following these helpful ideas will no doubt cut your energy usage, save plenty of summer cash and allow you to maintain aesthetics, security and utility around your house and property throughout the summer months. There’s no need to give up aesthetic, security and utility in favor of energy efficiency, you can have it all.

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