Enjoy a Lower Utility Bill No Matter Where You Live

As a result of today’s rising fuel costs, energy cost have also increased. Many homeowners already have steps in place to help them lower their energy bills, but apartment dwellers can save money too by following some easy guidelines. Of course, homeowners may also find these appealing because they address internet, rather than external, ways to conserve electricity. Some easy measures to take are:

• Use a lamp instead of an overhead light. If you are going to only be using one corner of a room, consider using a lamp. The light bulb in the lamp is usually a smaller wattage than the overhead light. Plus, the lamp only gives off heat in one corner of a room, and not the entire room which may trigger an air conditioner’s sensor to cool the room.

• When cooking, if the job can be accomplished using a smaller appliance, use it. A good example of this would be using a toaster oven instead of a regular oven to reheat baked goods. While it doesn’t involve cooking, the same principle can be applied to a laptop computer versus a desktop. Laptop’s use far less electricity as opposed to traditional desktops.

• Switch televisions. Having a big screen TV can be entertaining; it doesn’t make sense to use it all of the time if there are other options available. If you are comfortable viewing a show on a smaller television, use it.

• If more than one person is showering, consider taking back to back showers. When one person is finished and the other one is ready to hop in, leave the water running and switch places. This way, the water is already heated, and there is less water wasted waiting for another shower’s water to heat up.

• When hungry, consider the overall price of your food. While cooking your own food generally costs less money, if it costs the same or only a few pennies less, consider purchasing it already cooked. This will save you money you would incur cooking the food yourself. Sometimes, it is actually less expensive to buy food that is already prepared, especially at a supermarket’s deli.

• Replace your home air filer monthly. Sometimes, if you live in a dust-prone house, vacuuming the filter weekly is necessary. With air conditioning, check Freon levels at least twice a year, particularly if you live in a warm climate and operate the air conditioner frequently.

While these steps won’t save you hundreds of dollars a year off of your utility bill, they are easy to follow and the money saved can go to more important things you want in life. For more information, visit your area’s utility company online; many of whom will come do a free energy saving inspection at your residence.

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