Enough with ‘Get Over It’ Politics

You lost your full time job, or it changed to part time. Your health care insurance was canceled despite that Obama promised it would not. You can’t get Obamacare because the website does not work. Like Edie Sundby, you face death at 62 with stage-4 cancer. And, all the Democrats do is to tell you to ‘get over it.’

A more obnoxious remark does not exist to fling at someone who is hurting, disappointed, traumatized, betrayed, sick, even dying, or finding it impossible to get help or escape from constant abuse, pain, or political demoralizations.

Yet, ‘get over it’ is the Democrat remark du jour that is offered as solace when bully pulpit sympathies are depleted. It stands in for help that cannot be given. It is the remark that fills in when real answers elude. In politics, it strikes citizens as a particularly effacing comment from leaders they elected to represent them.

Illinois Representative Jan Shakowsky (D) uttered advice for folks having problems with Obamacare. To the people who couldn’t sign up during its disastrous rollout, to the people whose businesses were crippled, to the people who lost their health plans, Rep. Shakowsky had this to say: “Get over it,” according to PJ Media.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) spoke out on Obamacare, according to Townhall, in the Senate, “Let’s make it better. Stop carping about this. Get over it. It’s the law.”

Last year, Democrats wallowed in the Supreme Court’s decision that declared Obamacare constitutional. To naysayers and opponents of the nefarious high court call, left wingers, liberals, and progressives offered nothing more than advice to ‘get over it.’

Urban Dictionary defines the phrase as giving advice to forget. ‘Get over it’ means to ‘forget about it,’ or not let the past ruin your life in the here and now. That’s fine if your life is within your control, the past notwithstanding. Those days are over.

Our leaders have usurped such control over our lives and deaths that getting over the ruin is no longer achievable in the here and now.

What we would like to ‘get over’ instead is use of the ubiquitous phrase in the Democrat vocabulary that serves little to solve the ills of government gone rogue. Let’s get over ‘get over it’ politics and demand a fix for which there is nothing to get over.

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