Entrance Gates: Tips for Automatic Add-Ons

Automatic gates are not just for large, upscale homes anymore. As more and more people are looking for ways to add to their security, entrance gates are becoming more popular for all types of residential settings. With increasing popularity, many additional options are now available for these gates. They are becoming architectural accents that not only provide peace of mind, but also enhance curb appeal as well.

When choosing a gate, there are many options available, from the material of the gate (metal, wood, etc.) to the type of operating system and add-on features of your gate performance.

One of the most important considerations when looking at operating systems will be safety. Although quality and safety are high priorities for manufacturers of gate operators, you will still need to learn the facts in order to protect visitors and reduce the risk of legal liability.

A gate opener is the first step after choosing your gates construction. The construction of your gate will determine the requirements you’ll need for your operating system.

You can completely automate your entrance gate with a entry and control system. Open your garage door with the same remote you open your gate using universal receivers, add an intercom to speak with visitors as they approach your gate, or enhance your systems security with locks and additional accessories.

Following are just a few of the available add-on options:

– Digital Keypads

Provide access codes to family members and visitors with simple wireless or wired keypads.

– Residential Intercom/Keypad

Talk to your visitors at the entrance to grant or deny access. Provide access codes to expected visitors all with one system.

– Remote Transmitters

Use a remote to open your gate. Dual and triple button remotes can control other openers and garage doors.

– Driveway Exit Wand

Trigger automatic gates to open when vehicles are leaving the property to avoid additional keypads.

– Universal Receivers

Control your garage doors and multiple openers with a single remote.

– Push Button Control

Doorbell-like button can be mounted near gate or at house to grant access or entry to entrance gate.

– Automatic Gate Lock

Secures the driveway gate against forced entry as well as high wind conditions.

– Solar Panels

Provide power to gates in remote locations or when running a wire is not an option. Also good for a back up energy source in case of power outages.

– Light Kit

Light kits are perfect for all applications requiring basic gate illumination. Options include hard-wired as well as solar powered.

There are hundreds of options available to you for your entrance gate needs. For additional information you can research online for gate manufacturers and suppliers of the automation systems available to you. You can also contact a local professional gate installer that can visit your property for the best options for your situation.

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