Envirofit Clean Cookstove

Many of us take part in the American tradition during nice weather. This tradition can come in many different forms, but always contains eating. Some examples are going camping or having a big gathering at your home. In order to feed the small or large crowds, we like to fire up the grill or start a nice wood fire in order to cook up our delicious selection of meats. One thing that we tend to forget though happens to be how much we are polluting plant earth while doing so. Cooking over a fire or on a grill burns fuel incompletely, producing carbon monoxide and smoke that causes 1.5 million deaths a year. Here is where the Envirofit Cookstove comes into play.

Envirofit is a company that has worked hard since its inception to create products that will better the environment. With the Cookstove, they aim to eliminate the carbon monoxide that kills so many on a yearly basis. What they have created is a precise cooker that burns the same easily found wood or charcoal, but does so a lot more completely and efficiently. How this is done is what make the new product a unique piece of technology that has a lot of people excited to give it as a gift this upcoming holiday season.

The can shaped stove has a precisely measured opening. Envirofit had to create a perfect opening that is capable of letting in just enough air to fan the flames, yet not enough to cool the fire and slow down the overall combustion. Fresh air is funneled into the contraption though s chimney-like tube that is built into the inside of the stove. Also, a ceramic lining insulates the stove to keep the fire nice and hot, while burning efficiently. Sure, you might not be able to cook ten burgers at once, but that ability is sure to be created in the near future when near versions come out.

What makes this product even more appealing to the consumer is how cheaply it is currently being priced. You can own a Envirofit Cookstove for around $15. This price is a lot cheaper than a lot of the other equipment that is on the market. Also, it’s size makes it the perfect item to pack away and bring along with you on your camping trips. If you are trying to help better the environment, this product might be just right for you.



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