For a long time, I have been wondering just what is wrong with this country. I don’t know if I have it right or not, but I think I might have a clue. When we compare ourselves to the USA, we become smug and point out how worldly we are in knowing more about general history and geography, not only of our own country, but also of those countries most us will never visit. Yet we fail to see our own shortcomings.

The USA, whatever differences the various states have with their federal government, all seem to pull together in the same direction when push comes to shove. We frown on their self- righteous flag waving braggadocio, but like they say, it ain’t bragging if you can do it. And they do it in spades.

We are so hampered by every little special interest group pulling in directions away from the grand centre, that we really have become the laughing stock of the world. For a country that is supposed to be so high and mighty, respected around the globe, we really have failed miserably.
We have the Indians, Inuits and French-Canadians to contend with. All pulling in their own direction without one thought to the greater good of the whole. A strong and united Canada.
I suggest we take these groups for what they claim to be. Sovereign nations within the borders of our country.

Let’s start with the Inuit. These are the guys who used to be called Eskimos. Under Quebec law, they are mandated to teach evolution in their schools. Some of the elders got their sealskins in a knot over this and demanded that their teachers stop this practice. Fine. You can keep the Nunavit Territory and begin fending for yourselves again. No schools, hospitals or snow mobiles unless you pay for all this stuff out of your own pocket. No more help from our federal government.

The French are the same. They demand and demand and demand and they really give nothing worthwhile back to the country. Go ahead and separate. You can keep the land you had before the Brits kicked your ass on the Plains of Abraham. No more, no less. You can’t use Canadian currency anymore and you will be tossed out of Parliament or charged with treason. You will need passports to come into Ontario or any of the Atlantic provinces. You can’t ask our army to help you out during and after your next ice storm or flood. Go peddle your maple syrup to the Americans and see if they will bow to your French only language.

The Indians want to be recognized as a sovereign nation. So be it. Today, the billions in monetary handouts we feed these people stops. Your reservations are sovereign territory and far be it from us to interfere with how you handle things. Sorry about the buffalo, but stuff happens. You too will need passports to visit Canada, but you will also have to come up with your own currency and army. Grow all the tobacco you want and build some breweries if you have the money. Set up your own schools and forget about any future claims on lands we got from you over 200 years ago. We won’t negotiate. You can have your laws and we will have ours. And if you are in our country and break those laws, we will treat you the same as a white man. No circle jerk meetings or group hugs. Break the law and go to jail. Period.

Now here’s the deal. If there is an invading force eyeballing Canada or anything within its borders, our army, navy and air force will protect you. That’s it and there is no charge for the service. In the meantime, you go about your business of being separate and sovereign for a year and see how far you get. When you’re ready to come back into the fold, don’t be surprised if the rules have changed and you’re not the favourite child any more.

Maybe we can make Canada great once more without all the in-house fighting.

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