Eureka Quick Up Vacuum Perfect for Touch Up Jobs

It may not be the best product for heavy duty cleaning, but the Eureka Quick Up vacuum is the perfect candidate for the touch up job. It is compact and light weight, and has sufficient suction to get up just about any crumbs on a variety of surfaces (including hardwood). Its canister design makes it easy to empty, and the removable handle makes it versatile as a handheld vacuum as well. It’s price (less than $30) is another attractive feature. The Eureka Quick Up is gets 4.5 stars out of 5 in my book.

Nobody likes crumbs all over their kitchen floor. But it is also unpleasant to bring the big vacuum out every day to clean up the messes that accumulate during the nightly dinner ritual. This is where the Eureka Quick Up lightweight vacuum comes in. It weighs less than 10 pounds, but has enough power to get all the crumbs up. Granted, I still do regular vacuuming once a week in the kitchen, but in between I take two or three minutes to clean up crumbs and other little messes in kitchen. And I can use the Eureka Quick Up vacuum to get dirt off my hardwood floors, and I often use it to pick up stray hairs and dust bunnies that tend to accumulate on the bathroom’s tile floor.

But the best feature of the Eureka Quick Up vacuum is its ability to convert into a hand held. In a matter of seconds, I can remove the long wand handle to reveal a handheld vacuum that rivals the Dirt Devil handheld. I use this to tidy up around my plants, easily and quickly clean my stairs, and get crumbs and hairs off my furniture. The vacuum is also skinny and small enough to use in hard to reach places, like behind my book shelf and under my piano.

Not only is the Eureka Quick Up convenient and easy to use, it is also easy to clean out. It has a canister design with a filter, so that all you have to do pop it out and empty the canister. Additionally, the filter is sturdy and can be cleaned using a vacuum hose (although I suspect we’ll have to buy a replacement sometime).

The Eureka Quick Up vacuum is also inexpensive. We got ours at Shopko for about $22, and I have seen it other places for right around that — or less! You can’t expect a heavy duty cleaning machine at such a light weight, or for so little, but for the price, and what the Eureka Quick Up does, it is a fantastic bargain. For versatility, price and convenience, this vacuum can’t be beat.

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