Everyday Gambling Tips for the Less Than Every Day Gambler

Do you enjoy the rush of gambling on video machines? Does the mindlessness and the occasional thrill of a win draw you back to gambling on video games? Do you like the glamor and glitz of big time casinos? Do you enjoy the intimacy and familiarity of video gaming parlors close to home? Would you like to continue gambling on video machines without destroying your bank account, your self respect and your interpersonal relationships? It can be done. Gambling can be therapeutic and fun . By following the few common sense suggestions below you can enjoy the gaming without the heartbreak.

1. Use some financial common sense. The best advice that any small time gamer can follow is to bring to the casino only the amount of money that he or she can afford to lose. Assume when you go to the casino that you will lose all that you brought – because that is exactly what can and often does happen very quickly. Mentally review how much money from your monthly budget can safely be spent on gambling as entertainment. If you take that amount with you and only that amount
you automatically stay within your budget and you don’t have to worry about running short of cash come bill time. To keep yourself honest to the pledge to only spend what you bring, leave behind all credit cards so that temptation to take out another $20 which in itself may be okay, doesn’t balloon into another $100 or $200 that frankly you can’t afford to lose. While you are at the casino resist the temptation to borrow from your others in your family or group. Eventually you will have to repay that person. Difficulty in paying back personal debts puts a strain on relationships that is certainly not worth a few more spins of a wheel. Cashing out of machines with some regularity can help you keep track of your winnings and the total amount of cash that you have left to spend for the day. Cashing out also breaks you out of ruts and attachments to machines that you may have already taken your best shot at. Finally financial common sense suggests that perhaps the smartest thing you can do is to never gamble alone. Oh it’s okay not to play next to your wife or companion or whatever. But being in the casino with someone else, even someone playing several rows of machines away from you keeps you tethered to reality. It is just too easy to get caught up in the excitement of game rooms. With a friend around the real world has a fighting chance to stay on your mental horizon.

2. Take advantage of casino activities . Casinos are set up to maximize your participation in gaming. But to keep players coming back, casino operators generally provide a number of non-gambling diversions as a pleasant backdrop for the main event of gambling. Most casinos feature a variety of eateries and food choices offered at very reasonable prices. Regular customers may receive special food vouchers by mail or are able to receive compensation for their playing time which Will at least partially defray food expenditures on any given day. Taking advantage of the food options can help you to keep yourself on an even keel while gaming. Whether its a coffee break, snack or full fledged meal getting yourself up and off a machine and taking a quiet food break can enhance your actual playing and overall enjoyment of the day.Taking breaks from playing video machines also keeps you from dumping all of your budgeted money too quickly. Take a coffee break away from the machine instead of ordering coffee at your machine. Have that snack or a meal and let your personal gambling engine slow down. A food break may be just what you need to encourage you to change your machine, your mood and maybe even your luck.

After a snack you may feel energized enough to sample some of the other distractions available to most casino goers.. While some casinos are strictly limited to gaming rooms, the larger casinos successfully surround their gaming rooms with shops, theaters, perhaps even a spa . If your casino is part of a hotel complex where you have a room of course the best diversion is to take yourself totally out of the gambling environment regularly for a break. Watch some t.v., take a shower , take a nap but whatever else you do take a break. This time away from machines will make the time you spend on them more enjoyable and frankly less like work. It will also let you evaluate your finances away from the lure of the video machines.

3. Combine your casino visit with other off sight activities. If you go to a major casino you can keep your gambling under control by interspersing it with other activities nearby. Casinos are seldom built in total isolation. If you are planning to stay at the casino for more than a day, investigate the opportunities for outdoor activities that take you out into the real world and remind you of the rest of your life. Remaining in the casino atmosphere throughout your stay reduces your ability to see things realistically. You may well make the trip to Atlantic City to play the slots but how about a half day’s sojourn to nearby Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge,Brigantine Division where you can slowly travel the 8 mile wildlife drive to enjoy a close up view of the comings and goings of many species of sea birds, smell the sea air and most important for the small time gambler gain some peace and tranquility. If you take a day trip to the small scale slots casino in Newport, RI you can refresh yourself between gaming sessions with a lazy walk along one of the nearby Newport public beaches. If you are spending a weekend at Foxwoods, CT take yourself on a walking tour of nearby Mystic,CT, The point is plan ahead to do something besides simply playing the slots. The result of the variety you interject into your schedule will be that you will be able to gamble with a much more clear view of who you are and what you are doing. The likelihood of falling under the spell of the casino to the tune of dumping more money than you really should will be considerably reduced.

4.Recognize the Difference Between Dreams and Reality. The most important protection gamblers can take with them to a casino is a well thought out philosophy of gambling which recognizes the difference between fantasy and the real world. In fantasy you go to a casino and with hardly any effort you consistently pick machines that are paying off on huge jackpots. You hardly ever loose at any machine and when your stay is over you go home much wealthier than you were when you arrived. The reality is that as great as the hospitality, accommodations and service at a casino may be, in fact the casino is in business basically to separate you from as much of your money as possible. Yes some people will win jackpots. Yes you might even win some money yourself some time. But the goal of the casino owners is to allow you to win only enough to draw you back once again. Your dreams are on a collision course with the casino owners reality. If you are unprepared for this collision the results for you can be unpleasant at best and disastrous at worst. While at the casino there is such a thing as a free lunch, a free show, a reduced room rate but in the end you are more likely than not to go home with less money than what you brought with you.That’s what allows the casinos to stay in business and make a profit. As long as you know that in advance and really do accept that the money you are pumping non-stop into machines is really a payment for the fun of gaming then your ride home will not be filled with anger or recrimination .

By keeping common sense control on your gambling activities you can cash in on the fun of gaming even if you never cash out a winner.

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