Everyday Green Cleaning: Eco-Friendly House Cleaning is Easy

In this day of age we are all trying to reduce any negative impact we may be causing the environment; and green cleaning, or using natural and non-toxic cleansers for your home, is one way we can achieve this goal. Many house cleaning and maid services offer a green cleaning option, and more and more people are choosing this cleaning method for their own homes. Contrary to popular belief, green cleansers generally do not cost more than standard cleaning products, and many things you probably have laying around your home (vinegar and baking soda come to mind) make great green cleaning products. In this article we will discuss green cleaning and how to implement green cleaning methods and products into your own house cleaning.

Aside from standard household products like baking soda that can be used to clean many areas of your home, a trip to your local big box store will provide you with a vast array of green cleaning products you can use to clean essentially all areas of our home. Look for products that carry the “Designed for the Environment” label; these products have been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as being not only safe for the environment, but also safe for children and pets. With the recent rise in popularity of green cleaning some products that label themselves as “green” may actually contain toxic chemicals and not be certified by any agency; this is why it is very important to look for the “Designed for the Environment” label when purchasing any green cleaning products.

As stated earlier, many green cleaning products can be made from products you probably already have stocked in your home. Aside from being friendly to the environment, these homemade cleansers have the added benefit of being both inexpensive and already being in your home (no need for an extra trip to the store)! One of our favorite cleaning mixtures can be used to clean many hard-surface floors; you simply combine a cup of white vinegar, two gallons warm water, a little baking soda, and a squirt of liquid soap. You will be amazed at how well this concoction will successfully clean tile and similar flooring types. It should be noted this mixture should never be used to clean floors with wax or sealant applied, as the acidic components of the vinegar could over-time damage these topical surfaces.

Another one of our favorite green cleansers applies to cleaning the glass panes on windows, sliding glass doors, and any mirrors or medicine cabinets in your home. Simply prepare a mixture of a quarter cup of white vinegar, one tablespoon of cornstarch, and one and a quarter quarter of warm (not hot) water. You can either apply this mixture to your glass using a soft cloth or sponge of you can empty it into a spray bottle and spray away! After application use old, bunched-up newspaper (another green friendly technique) to dry and buff the surface and your glass surfaces will be looking like new. No need to use a product with artificial chemicals when this method works just as well.

A simple internet search will provide you with many green cleaning mixtures you can make from home, or if you so choose you can go to your local retailer and choose from a vast array of certified green cleaning products. Green cleaning is no longer a niche market; it is becoming the standard way many people choose to clean their home. Who among us would not want to use cleaning products that are natural, non-toxic, safe for our children and pets, and all while helping the environment? Green cleaning is here to stay, and if you use a house cleaning service to clean your home ask them if they offer a green cleaning option next time your home is cleaned.

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