Everything You Need to Know About Dog Repellents

Dogs are a much-loved household pet and are known for their loyalty and generally friendly demeanor. However, they are also known for being mischievous. Depending on the age or breed of dog, there may be a higher risk of unwanted behaviors such as digging and chewing among others. It may be that you want to keep dogs from entering certain parts of the home where special furniture or other important items such as food or clothing are kept.

Many dogs, especially scent hounds, are attracted to the same places and will return there repeatedly, especially if it is an area where they have urinated or defecated. In this case, the best repellent initially is to remove the scent completely. This can be a difficult task and will require the use of strong chemicals or even a professional cleaning as scent hounds can detect their own odor from deep down inside fibers. As such it may be necessary to use a dog repellent to keep dogs from entering a certain area and making another mess.

Also, dogs like to dig holes. This can pose an enormous problem outdoors, especially in cultivated areas such as gardens and lawns. Certain types of dog repellent will be more suitable for outdoor use than for indoor use.

An ultrasonic repellent may be effective for keeping dogs out of certain rooms of the house. Ultrasonic repellents emit a constant noise on a high frequency that humans cannot hear and that dogs cannot tolerate. These units work with a motion sensor and will turn on when a dog enters the prohibited areas. Although the noise does not cause damage to the dog’s ears, it will prevent the dog from wanting to return.

Certain sprays with scents that dogs do not like can be used to train them away from a particular area, however these are not generally considered to be as effective. A citronella spray may work as a dog repellent to keep dogs from attacking or behaving aggressively towards passersby. It substance will not harm them permanently, but the strong scent may sting their eyes and repel them away.

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