Everything You Need to Know About Septic Tank Risers

If you use a septic tank, then you should probably have a riser installed. Many municipalities are even requiring septic tank risers for new installations. You may be asking what exactly are these risers and what benefits they provide. This article will tell you everything you need to know about septic tank risers.

A septic tank riser is simply an extension that raises your tank up to ground level. This gives you easy access to the pump or septic tanks for maintenance tasks. It is usually time consuming, labor intensive, and expensive to have a professional locate your septic tank. Septic tank risers solve this problem by giving you an access point above the ground. This considerably reduces the cost of maintaining the system.

Septic tank risers can be made from various materials. They are commonly made of polyethylene, PVC, or concrete. Concrete risers are very heavy and therefore difficult to install. Risers made of concrete also experience more leaking problems than other types.

Other septic tank risers are made from polyethylene. These risers are more resistant to chemical and soil corrosion. They are also thoroughly sealed and will prevent gases from escaping the system. PVC risers are one of the lightest types which makes them very easy to install. Like septic tank risers made from polyethylene, the PVC variety are also sealed to prevent gases and water from escaping.

You may be wondering how much septic tank risers will cost. The cost mainly depends on the type of material it is made from. Concrete risers are the cheapest and will usually cost less than $100. Septic tank risers made from polyethylene or PVC will typically cost twice as much. Most of them will cost more than $200. Cost also depends on the size of the riser. Obviously larger septic tank risers will be more expensive. They will cost more if you have them installed by a professional instead of doing it yourself.

If you own a septic tank, then you will benefit greatly from having a riser installed. Septic tank risers give you an access point above the ground so that you can maintain your system easily. They are commonly made from concrete, PVC, or polyethylene. Concrete risers usually cost less than $100, but are very heavy, difficult to install, and prone to leaking. PVC risers are lightweight and sealed to prevent gas and water from escaping the system.

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