Everything You Wanted to Know About the Famous Champion Juicer

The Famous Plastaket Champion 2000 Juicer. Insider Tips and Tricks and Why It’s the Best On the Market.

There are many different types of electronic juicers on the market these days but if you really do your research and ask around, it is likely you will find that one brand seems to stand high above the rest and that is the official Champion Juicer 2000. While many juicers, especially the hand held blender types usually end up useless after a few years due to a worn out motor or a broken or missing part, the Champion Juicer has been proven to stand the test of time. The Champion was designed by Plastaket Manufacturing Co., a family owned business out of California and has been shredding fruits and vegetables efficiently since its debut way back in 1955. The company is still family owned, which not only speaks to the ultimate legitimacy and good intentions of the Champion Juicer invention but it also makes for stable, dependable customer service. When investing in an appliance that can cost up to several hundred dollars, you want to feel secure that you can get in touch with someone for help if you run into problems. When you purchase a Champion, you get that and more. Plastaket offers every customer a whopping ten year warranty on the famous Juicer, they have a stock of replaceable parts to purchase for an average price of $5-$10 in case something gets lost or broken, and most importantly, in the instance that you need to speak to a real live person about a particular issue with your Champion Juicer (something that is often difficult to obtain nowadays with automation services so prevalent) you can promptly pull up their very organized and simple website where popular issues are addressed, contact information in all mediums (phone, email, mailing address) is readily available and obvious and better still, you get a plethora of information on the product, the company and how to use the Champion Juicer 2000 to your best benefit. Plastaket clearly has nothing to hide. The family seems truly proud of their incredible juicing product.

And they should be because the Champion Juicer purchases have undoubtedly brought the family enormous amounts of success in the world of business and sales. Ask around your community, an employee at a kitchen store, or read product review sites. Then ask around at highly esteemed establishments like health food stores and vegetarian restaurants where their dedication to health through diet gives them seniority over the juicers owner’s opinions in general. It is almost guaranteed you will find that the Champion Juicer 2000 is the one most recommended.

My first and current juicing appliance was and is the original Champion Juicer 2000 and it has proved to be extremely convenient, fun to use and a great motivational tool to encourage me to eat (or drink) healthier. It is made up of a group of funky looking pieces that somehow fit together in a puzzle like formation. The best part about the Champion in comparison to other juicers on the market is that the way it is physically designed allows for a less messier process, virtually effortless preparation and with my comprehensive experience with a diverse array of juicing products I’m led to believe that the Champion design also generates the most liquid in volume, more of the parts of the juiced foods’ nutrients, and less of the vegetables’ or fruits’ pulpy insides that have been known to encourage vitamin blocking mucus in one’s system. No matter how coarse the skin of the juiced object seems to be, the Champion sucks it right up, shreds it within seconds and instantaneously separates the important parts of the food from the unnecessary ones, the former filtering itself through the wire filter (into your cup) and the latter, spiraling out the edge of the device in a spherical tube like formation and then hopefully in the trash or the sink for easy cleanup.

If you are seeking out a quality long term juicing device, the Plastaket Champion Juicer 2000 is by far the best selection to look into. Straight from the manufacturer, the Champion household model is approximately $239. It is costly but worth it. There are also several discount stores that sell the Champion at a discounted price, but if you choose that route, proceed with caution, as the complete official product, specifically the ten year warranty might not apply unless you purchase straight from Plastaket. So just keep that in mind as something to find out before grabbing the first deal you come across.

That being said, at the current time the Champion Juicer 2000 is being sold at a marked down price from online stores which include the following, to name a few:
Ultimate-Weight-Products is one of them, and they are offering the Champion for $199 with free shipping, which is the typical average price you will find in all the stores you browse through. Costplusjuicers.com, Harvest Essentials and Dealtime, and many more outlets are closely matching in price.

And then of course you can opt for the used route and purchase one secondhand from Amazon for as low as $145 currently. But that might be kind of odd, even if it is thoroughly cleaned.

Whatever appliance brand you decide to use for your juicing pleasures, much luck to you, but for all who will be buying or already have purchased the acclaimed Champion Juicer 2000 by Plastaket, please read the following short list of some insider tips to be aware of before you even open the package. This list might save you a lot of unneeded trouble and involuntary time away from your new favorite kitchen appliance while you wait in nutrient craving anticipation for Plastaket to remedy the common newbie mistake you made.

1)Don’t waste time making your food products smaller to better fit into the juicing tube. Carrots, bananas, chunks of apples with thick waxed skin, or watermelon slices, it makes no difference. Just shove it all in the tube, the Champion knows how to disperse its parts and can handle massive sized pieces. Most importantly this will save you time and trouble in the kitchen. So with the Champion Juicer, no need to prepare in most cases. Keep in mind.

2)Not sure about the other colors but the off-white Champion 2000 device stains very easily, especially after juicing carrots. It will save you a lot of (possibly “fruit”less) scrubbing later on if you clean the parts immediately after use. This should be a good habit for all juicing sessions, but I’ve let mine sit around dirty for up to a half hour before cleaning the pieces before and mine still looks like new. So enjoy your juice without stress if you want but don’t forget, in the case of bright orange carrots, clean immediately.

3)There is a spherical tube like device that fits on a protruding metal piece and hides within the body of the Champion’s key components. It has small metal spikes in thin lines spanning top to bottom of the piece. This piece can never, ever, under any circumstances be submerged in water. It’s tempting to do so because the bottom of the component contains a hole where lots of excess juicing residue tends to linger, but as per the directions that come with the Plastaket official Champion product, if water gets in this hole, the entire juicer will be nonfunctional. Be very careful cleaning it.

4)If you use your Champion Juicer for a long period of time without giving it a break, you may start to smell a very metallic and unappetizing odor which is probably in most cases coming from the motor. If you start to smell this, (and you will know) stop juicing immediately. You probably won’t hurt the Champion, but along with the foul smell comes a foul aftertaste which immerses itself in your juiced food and drink.

5)The order in which you place food items into the chute will greatly determine the outcome of your freshly juiced beverage. If you are mixing several fruits and/or veggies together for a nutritious cocktail, be mindful to alternate frequently between items as you pour them in, otherwise the foods will not be evenly distributed and for some reason, due to the simple automatic functions of the machine, you very well might risk losing one of your product types and thereby waste it, as the Champion gets overwhelmed by all the food and mistakenly discards your blueberries, strawberries, or whatever berries into the pulp/throwaway section. This is kind of rare but if you are having trouble getting the taste or exact mixture you are looking for, this might be the problem.

6)Put a towel or something underneath the Champion Juicer when you place it on your countertop. This might have been a freak incident with me alone, but the four rubber pads on the bottom of the appliance that are designed to hold the Champion steady- without fail, with every use, left four black smudgy, ink like dots on my white countertop and only with a huge amount of effort and scrubbing was I able to erase the marks down to faded, and lightly stained circles.

7)Finally, have fun and don’t just stick to popular recipes and produce combos. Experiment. It’s a wonderful past time and will allow you to bond with your kitchen!

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