Everywhere and at Once

Love’s spirit ascended
as fog from a river
flowing gently by in the morning light.

Covering the water with air
thickened with mystery and allure.

Coming in the early spring
when all is promise and awakening.

Love hovered and swirled as
possible as the day ahead,
but beyond my gasp, yet
leading me, stirred by an unknown hand
and formed from deep and silent places.

The morning reveals the soul
its length and breadth
its hopes and fears.

Gentle and haunting,
peaceful and everywhere
all places and spaces
everywhere and at once
nowhere and above.

The river rolls on,
ever moving, ever changing
ever carving its mark through
earth’s firm estate.

But at that time and place
life and love awaken above
and around me and within
around all and within
showing to me as I move
its promise in the warmth of the morning light.
And then fades as day passes
to darkest night.
The air around me and near
grows still and without form
the greater I try to carve before me.

Love will ascend again
at a time and place of its own choosing
once shown at the break of day.
It remains ever swirling and hovering
around my heart
everywhere and at once.

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