Exercises to Strengthen Your Vocal Cords

Your vocal chords are a precious gift, which you want to ensure, is well taken care of, especially if you use your vocal chords to earn your living. There are a variety of exercises you can try that will be beneficial in strengthening your vocal chords. Those who have thinner vocal chords, and so a higher singing voice, should understand that it’s the ease at which they vibrate that makes the sound like that. If on the other hand you have thicker heavier vocal chords, they will not vibrate so easily and thereof the sound made will be lower but richer. There is nothing that can be done to make your vocal chords one size or the other.

What kind of exercises can be used to benefit your vocal chords? What you need to do to improve your voice, be it for singing or speaking, is to do stretching exercises. These exercises are done to improve the strength of the vibration made when you are ready to sing or speak. The more you are able to stretch the vocal chords, the tighter you make them with the exercises you use, the more powerful will be the sound you make.

Many music students believe that best exercises for your voice is the simple act of practicing singing. They think that is all that is needed to strengthen their vocal cords and improve their vocal range. Many disagree with this theory.

One of the key exercises for your vocal chords is how to use the air you breathe in to make the sounds you require for singing. Singers need to find exercises to learn to use less air. It’s important to balance how much air you need, which is dependent on what sounds you want to make. The more you learn about controlling the vibration of your vocal chords, the more your range will improve.

Some research has shown that the best exercises for your vocal chords are tongue related. A french scientist believes that the key to improving the strength of your vocal chords, and voice, are exercises designed to strengthen a little known muscle in the tongue called the hyo-glossus. To begin these exercises you must first learn to totally relax the tongue. It must be able to lie completely flat in your mouth. Then you need to be able to curl your tongue inward so that the two sides make a groove down the middle. It is this contraction of the tongues muscles through these exercises that are believed to strengthen the vocal chords.

Finding exercises that will work your vocal chords in such a way as to improve a person’s singing range, and talking range if you so choose, can be done in many ways. Attend vocal classes and your teacher will give you exercises that will assist with strengthening your vocal chords. There are also many videos/DVDs available to help teach you exercises in your own home to strengthen your vocal chords and improve your voice.

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