Exotic but Easy to Find Pets

If dogs and cats just aren’t good enough for you, don’t despair. There’s a ton of different exotic pets out there you can own and make your friends envious with. Let’s look at three really cool and easy to find exotic pets you can get.

Sugar Gliders

Imagine someone took the cutest features of a flying squirrel, a raccoon and a monkey, and then shrunk it down to fit in the palm of your hand. These things are ridiculously cute, so much so you might fall into a diabetic coma.

Sugar Gliders form strong relational bonds with owners, but do require a certain amount of attention for this to happen. Two hours a day is recommended, and Sugar Gliders are nocturnal animals so early morning is the best time to play with them. You cant go down to the grocery store and buy Sugar Glider food, so keep in mind they require a special diet. Fresh fruits and vegetable need to account for about 75% of their diet, protein for the other %25. Protein can come from insects, feeder mice or low fat, boiled turkey and chicken.

Pot Bellied Pigs

Pot Bellied Pigs are smaller then most other breeds of pigs, and as such are the ideal size for someone who has room for a dog. Pot Bellied Pigs weigh more then a dog of the same size, maturing to around 200 pounds. Pigs can be stubborn little animals, and are a lot more intelligent then people generally give them credit for. In intelligence tests pigs scored as high and sometimes higher then dogs. Raised around humans a pig can learn it’s name and other commands and can even be taught to use a large litter-box. Pigs do not do well with other pets in the house.

Several companies offer pig food in bags, not unlike dog food. They’re probably the easiest way to manage what you pig eats. Keep in mind that pigs can and will eat anything they can get their little snouts into. Pigs can quickly learn where food comes from, and will open refrigerators, cupboards and pantries looking for it. Pot Bellied Pigs can be a pain, because of their natural playfulness and curiosity, but they can also be a great companion.


Mix a Pot Bellied Pig with a Sugar Glider, give it spiky hair and you have yourself a Hedgehog. These palm sized critters are quite a bit like they’re portrayed in cartoons, walking around with an endearing sort of dimness about them. Undeniably cute, you can put an empty toilet paper tube in their cage, and they’ll go out of their way to stick their head in it, then walk around with it still on their head. Get two Hedgehogs and let the comedy ensue. Any pet owner with a camera will know that’s got to be good for four or five rolls of film. Remember, hedgehog backs are covered with quills, so it’s a bit like petting a hairbrush. If a Hedgehog is scared, it may be really difficult to pick them up.

Hedgehogs eat insects, and fruit and love eggs. Certain types of cat food are also okay for Hedgehogs, and there is a variety of pre-formulated food available for them.

Remember, almost any non-traditional animal will require more care then you may be used to. These are living creatures, and do not deserve to abandoned simply because the owner wasn’t aware of the amount responsibility involved in owning one. Do your research, ask around, and make sure an exotic pet is right for you.

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