Exploring the United Nations

The International Affairs and the Institutions within the United Nations include, Peace & Security, Economic and Social Development, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Affairs. These different affairs have separate goals and mission statements to outlay the purpose of each affair that the UN and other institutions follow in order to fulfill the goals of these affairs.

The Peace and Security department have UN peacekeepers, soldiers, military officers, civilian police officers and civilian personnel from many countries that help to keep nations all over the world a safe and better place. Peace and Security Council members help to take action to maintain international peace and security. Economic and Social Development helps to improve the financial and social conditions of places all over the world, in order to provide for safer and more prosperous nations. Economic and Social Development are responsible for affairs that deal with promoting higher standards of living, full employment, and economic and social progress as well as promoting international culture and encouraging respect for all humans and the positive regard for human rights.

The Human Rights area focuses on the equal and inalienable rights of all humans of this world. Freedom, justice and peace in the world are the basic principles that the Human Rights area of the UN. As for Humanitarian Affairs, again this section deals with all humans of the world. This area however focuses more on Refugees, Landmines, and Disasters over the world and helping children in need of assistance. This area helps individuals all over the world who have been affected by numerous disasters and the UN focuses on getting aid and assistance to these individuals as soon as possible.

In terms of institutions that are involved with these issues, there are numerous institutions that help these issues of the world. The World Trade Organization (WTO) helps monitor trade relations all over the world and helps to make laws regarding trade. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) gives loans to war torn states. The United Nations Environmental Program helps to monitor water and sewage treatment in the world.

One issue that is in discussion in terms of International Affairs is the refugee situation in Rwanda. Rwanda was faced with one of the largest genocides in 1994 and the people of Rwanda have been fleeing the country ever since. The UNHCR has been helping the people of Rwanda since the genocide, however, the people are still under attack and Rwanda is still struggling. Another issues in the international affairs area of the UN deals with Sri Lanka and the Tsunami. Everyone is aware of the Tsunami that occurred in December of 2004; however, there is an even more pertinent issue in Sri Lanka, The Tamil Tigers.

This group of rebels have been in attack with the southern region of Sri Lanka since the 1980’s and due to the lack of government in the Northern areas, the people of northern Sri Lanka are not getting the funding they need to clean up after the Tsunami. The UN has set up committees to help to negotiate with the Tamil Tigers and hopefully they are hoping to be able to help the people of Sri Lanka.

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