Extra Terrestials

Extra terrestials

People have pondered the possiblities of life on other planets for centuries. I have decided to come clean and shed some facts. There is life beyond this puny little mound of dirt referred to as earth. I know this for a fact as I’m from another world. Those like me soar through the galaxies vacationing and exploring. I’ve been to the galaxy you call the Milky Way frequently. I’ve sunbathed on Mars, danced on the rings of Saturn and watched the four moons of Jupiter rise. Your’s is the only planet that hasn’t gotten space exploration off the ground yet. Oh, you’ve made a few excursions to your moon and what you call Mars, but you’re no where close to real space travel. Soon, though, soon. We have never tried to aide you in advancing your technology. Those reports of beings like me beaming you up and experimenting on you…fiction. Of helping you build those objects called pyramids…fiction. Believe it or not some of you earthlings have been capable of advanced thoughts. The reports of pulling you out of the sky or waters in the devil’s triangle …maybe.

We have longer life spans than earthlings. I was around when the fragments of dust and debris that scattered after the “big bang” collected to a huge mass and became this planet. I watched as the oceans and lakes separated from the land masses, as the mountains exploded from the waters, as the vegetation grew and florished. As the seasons took shape. As glaciers formed and melted. There were huge, magnificent monsters roaming the seas and lands then, devouring tons of food daily. Winged things with abundant colors took to the air and populated the skies.

We came by to watch occassionally as people pulled themselves upright and began to walk on two legs and spread over the land, this was much latter than the animals and after the war I’ll relate in a few seconds. You were like roaches, multiplying and fanning out. We watched you discover fire, electricity, gas,indoor plumbing and horseless transportation. We saw you learn to cook your food instead of devouring it raw where it fell. We noticed your cruelty to each other. You humans seem to never tire of conflicts. We extra terrestials are amazed at the energy you devote to hating those that are different from yourselves. Wars are abundant on your globe. When we eventually intervene we’ll end your destructive ways.

We are innumerable. Occassionally you see us in space as shooting stars or comets. We’re not all friendly. We operate from a single command post where we get orders to survey the galaxies. Our comings and goings are monitored by only three that are in charge. Some of us rebelled against their authority thousands of years ago, sparking a terrific war. We loaded the trouble makers up and flung them into space causing one of their ships to crash on earth and pretty much destroy a vast territory. It killed millions of animals over night by radiation and more animals over a short time from the nuclear cloud that covered the land and hid the warming sunlight. That was a horrible tradgedy as we are kind hearted and hate to see life destroyed meaninglessly. Humans didn’t rise out of the red clay for sometime after the crashing of our rejects in the center of the earth. Maybe the ground they came from was so contaminated with nuclear waste it destroyed their ability to evolve as much as we did. It could have tainted the way they perceived the attempts of our superiors to communicate with them??

Our malcontents decided to inter-marry with your kind and produced advanced children who weren’t accepted by humans. They became outcasts and eventually were made into legends and myths, hence your science of mythology. We beheld these misfits get swept away in a huge flood. Since we feel some responsibility for the presence of our bad seeds on your habitation we police the region regularly to off set the damage done by our rebels. We spend most of our time repairing the damage they cause. Don’t despair. We are planning another coup to overthrow the villians one last time. Being we have more numbers on our side we’ll exterminate them in the end.

Some of us have been written about in your history books. We have on occasion appeared to individuals to help alter the direction of their lives. Some of us are assigned to your children for a number of years. Some of us escort your souls upward at death. Some of us just stand by you and ward off evil. We follow the orders of the triune that I mentioned earlier, who use us to assist you frail earthen vessels. They got the position of top dogs because they are even older than the rest of us. We all got our beginnings at some point in time but their beginnings are never ending. They are referred to as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and we are their army of angels, the host of heaven, the inhabitants of space. Extra terrestials.

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