Eye Make-Up Techniques

Women all over the world use make-up to accent certain facial features. There are many different techniques to using make-up. The techniques and tips I am about to share with you are for eye make-up only.

With eye make-up, sometimes less is more. A coat of black mascara will go with any outfit, and depending on the technique used to apply it, mascara can be glamorous or casual. The first step to choosing the right mascara for you is deciding what type of eyelashes you have. For short lashes, a lengthening formula works wonders. Thin lashes benefit greatly from a thickening mascara. For long lashes, try a curling mascara. Mascaras also come in a wide variety of colors. Blacks and browns go with just about anything, but it also comes in fun shades such as blue, green and purple.

During the hot summer months, or for occasions where you think you might cry (such as funerals or weddings), a waterproof mascara can save the day. Waterproof mascaras are mostly found in shades of black and brown, and can be found at most drug stores. These types of mascara can be difficult to remove, and your regular facial cleanser might not budge it, so you might want to think about purchasing a gentle eye make up remover.

For subtle, blonde lashes, try a thickening mascara. Using one or two coats of very thick mascara is much better for your lashes than layering coat after coat. If you feel your eyes still lack the definition they deserve, try adding a darker eyeliner. If you still want more definition, you may want to consider using false lashes for special occasions.

There are many types of eye shadows on the market today. Traditional powder eyes shadow can be applied with a small make up brush or foam pad. To make your eyes stand out a bit more, use two different eye shadows, or a powder eye shadow atop a cream base shadow. It’s best to apply a lighter color first across the eyelid and up to the brow, if you wish. Next, apply a darker colored shadow just across the lid, focusing on the outer corner of the lid. This will create a dimensional look.

When using eyeliner, it’s best to use just a little to define your eyes. A thicker, darker rim is also readily acceptable, but until you are used to applying eyeliner, less really is more. To apply eyeliner, pull the corner of your lid outward to create a straight line across your lashes. Trace a thin line with the eyeliner across your lashes. If you want a more dramatic look, make this line a bit thicker. Eyeliners also come in a variety of colors.

It is best to experiment with eye make-up to help determine which is right for you. Some department stores have make-up counters that allow you to test the make-up before you purchase. Most drugstores carry a variety of less expensive make-up, and while these brands are a bit lower quality than the department store brands, most of them work almost as well. Many people are satisfied with the less expensive brands.

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