Fabulous Nose Piercing

A passage from the Old Testament says “the man took out a gold nose ringâÂ?¦..” the practice traveled from Middle East to India in the 17th century where even today husbands at marriage present their wives with nose rings.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s hippies introduced this fashion to the west which later on was further popularized by the punks which later on and went on to became solely a thing of the youth in the 80’s and the 90’s.

Some tribes in the deep Amazon forests adorn their nostrils with bones or bird feathers
Through enlarged septum piercing.

In India nose piercing is rather a mark of tradition than fashion.

Here nose piercing is done usually on the left side of the nose, it’s a custom which enables women to wear nose rings as it facilitates child birth and relieves pain during menstruation. Nostril piercing should never be done with a piercing gun as it could damage the tissue and lead to infections. Other than nostril piercing septum piercing and bridge piercing are the other two forms of nose piercing. Septum piercing was mostly seen among the Native Americans. Normally captive bead rings are used for this kind of nose piercing. Bridge piercing is done through a small flap of skin on the top of the nose surface.

Among all forms of body jewelry nose rings are a big rage.
We are about to see some exquisite designs in nose rings that you would just love to wear.
Nose rings are normally made of 14/18 karat gold, stainless steel, titanium, niobium or nickel. Sometimes we might be allergic to some metals such as nickel or silver in that case it’s better to change the metal.

These days we’re able to see various innovative designs in nose rings. Besides the beaded captive rings titanium nose rings are a big hit nowadays. Polished titanium nose rings in a stark blue metallic finish is one of its kind.

One of the classic dazzlers is the gem studded nose rings. These are available with single or multi studded gems. Depending on your convenience nose rings is available in different forms like twist screws, fish tails, captive rings or nose bones.

Nose rings come in tiny rakish designs to die for. Stars, dolphins, flowers, discs, balls, cone and spikes.
The funky hedge-hog nose ring featuring colorful rubber spikes on top of surgical steel is catching up the fever these days.
One of the latest concepts to create waves in nose rings is the use of bioflex acrylic in place of metal. This hypoallergenic material is used for comfort and flexibility and can be worn with different gemstones.

These nose rings open to us a range of choices to wear whatever reflects our mood and wardrobe. So why not wear them?

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