Facing Problems with Inadequate Faith

Why do Christians cry at funerals? After all, there is supposed to be loads of comfort in knowing that our loved ones will be reunited in Heaven, that their body might be dead but their soul isn’t. So where is the comfort?

Anyone that suffers a loss is expected to be sad; it’s a natural response. Christians however, seems to suffer as much as anyone else despite the comfort the Christian doctrine should give. So it seems clear that little if any comfort is actually felt. Aside from the point that Christians are human, is it possible that the majority of Christians have a doubt about God, Heaven, Hell or an afterlife?

Not having full faith in the Father is a direct correlation to thinking the Christian doctrine could be myths. And how can you feel comfort from something deep down in your heart you don’t trust?

There is many reasons that a Christian might not trust what they have been taught. One good one is the inability to understand the Words of God for oneself, and the direct result that you are expected to go by the word of church officials. With so many churches having more than a hundred versions of what the Bible says and means, why would anyone feel sure that their church is right? Especially when some church officials decide through the years that it is time to make specific doctrine changes and throw the old version out?

Another possible reason is the preaching service at the funeral. It’s already bad enough to lose someone close, and to have an underlying doubt of faith. On top of this, it seems every preacher wants to turn funerals into a sinner’s guide to salvation. What does this do? It underlines the possibility that the loved one still might not have made ‘it’, and the knowledge that if its not a myth- then you might not make it! Or worse, the funeral is for a person that never step foot in a church or cracked open the Bible. Automatically, if you truly believe the Christian doctrine, you know your loved one is going to Hell.

While I doubt that many Christians would want to admit this, I believe that most might not know their selves enough to realize why they are feeling so grieved. After all, in that much emotional and mental stress, there is hardly anyone that wants to focus on the grief instead of escaping it.

But what about those that do understand the core purpose of the crying? There is but a couple options. One- try to force yourself have more faith. Or two- think, study and research what the doctrines say and why they say it. Only by proving to yourself what God’s word is will you be able to have faith in it.

Unfortunately, other Christians will be resigned to cry at future funerals because of their lack of honesty with themselves over their heart.

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