Fair Trade is in Order for the Oil Kings

Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½ Seriously, the Middle East has only one product. Although it is a high demand product, it is just one product. Unless you really enjoy making sand castles. Why is it that the rest of the world will continue to give OPEC whatever it wants for its oil. All the while the rest of the world ships there countries, bread, water, milk, etc… I was reading an article about how in Iraq and Iran the citizens pay 12-17 cents a liter for there own brand of gas, but pay 30 cents for foreign gas. If we traded fair, we would have to charge them 3-4 dollars for each gallon of water. I know if I go to any store the best deal I would ever get on a gallon of water is between eighty to ninety-nine cents. When you calculate bread, milk, or any product with the mark up our citizens pay for their product at the pump its a little ridiculous.

I am aware that a lot of the high prices do in fact have a lot to do with our own oil companies making obviously false statements. Statements that I will deal with in a different article. However, back to the article at hand. I am well aware that the world must have oil, but people must have food and water to survive. So unless the Oil Kings can eat and drink their Oil and sand, or learn to cultivate desert, I suggest they learn to trade fair. If the rest of the world would just cut off supplies until they changed their practices we would see a change. Unless you believe that a spoiled Oil King wouldn’t miss his lavish eats, and other imports.

Is it to far gone to make a difference, have we all made them too rich for it to matter??? Who knows. All I know is that we must have oil to get to work and other necessary things in our lives for now. Still I can live longer without Oil than I could without food and water. When did we decide what goes in our machines was more valuable than what keeps us alive. But for now it is out of our hands and in to our leaders, who I have a couple pennies that I would like to trade to them for dollars.

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