Fall Fashion Trends for Men & Women

This years Fall fashion trends include some icons from the past. Wonder if Kanye West had anything to do with the Polo Shirt coming back? Well, perhaps the rap mogul did have something to do with comeback of the polo and Ralph Lauren’s long love of the shirt had nothing to do with its current popularity. But, that’s a debate for the future – -for now let’s focus on Fall Fashion Trends for Men & Women: Traditional and Urban looks.

Truly its not what you don’t have in your closet, it’s how you use what you DO have. This Fall season is about mixing and matching. So many times we’ve heard that mixing and matching is the best way to look great on a budget, but how many of us practice the good advice?

This Fall women shouldn’t focus so much on purchasing pants or skirts. The famous black skirt, faithful linen khaki pants, navy, brown, black old slacks you put away last year can be your best friends this year. Jackets and shirts are hot this year. For the conservative dresser – J.C. Penney (jcpenney.com) is the place to shop for trendy wear this Fall. For the funky, live a little dressers Old Navy (oldnavy.com) seems to be the hot spot for Fall.

Fall fashion trends are hot at J.C. Penney and this year the price is right. J.C. Penney is offering the woman on the go an array of “easy care” shirts. No ironing, for the mom who works, is a taxi driver, cook, lover, and confident. J.C. Penney says the shirts are worry-free and we believe them! For $19.99 this Fall women can be comfortable and fashionable too. For the jackets take your pick one button or three? J. C. Penney has the jackets that can be mixed in with the current things in your wardrobe. From $29.99-$59.99 you can purchase a casual or contemporary jacket in various colors, styles, and lengths.

By far the chic must shop at Old Navy for Fall gear. The hippest store alive has great deals and must haves. Old Navy like always has the sweater of the season and for around $25.00 it’s called the “flutter sleeve” sweater. With the elastic looking waist and v-neck line the item can be paddled off with a skirt or pants. The high neck peasant top is a looker too. It’s light, colorful, looks like easy wear and can go under a jacket to produce a great look. That piece is going for $24.50. If pants are a must have this Fall then look to Old Navy and grab the twill gauchos. For a great price, this piece of clothing can only add flavor to your Fall wardrobe.

By far fashion this Fall is not about just being chic, it’s about being frugal and being chic! Women are entitled to look great, but why pay more than you have to.

Don’t let the men fool you ladies, the men you know care about fashion too! For Fall – Men’s wear is hot. The layered look is all that; color is something to talk about; and the I am somebody look hot. Men you don’t have to be a labeled a meterosexual to want to look your best – its a given. If you are single then you need to grab a wife and if you are married then you need to keep your wife. Or maybe it’s a husband or boyfriend you desire whatever the case may be fashion is calling YOUR name this season.

Its hot, its sexy, it is the famous layered look. The clothes don’t make the man but in this case two shirts do. Picture a brown vest with a blue and white shirt underneath and khaki pants. Men should also not be afraid of color for the Fall. Warm greens, deep browns, and perhaps some red could really rock a man’s wardrobe this season. Look out for the vintage polo by Abercrombie & Fitch (Abercrombie.com) and the Harper Falls Rugby collection for around $70.00 men can look like they stepped right out of GQ Magazine. Whether men are teaching a class this Fall or are students in a class- Abercrombie & Fitch has the articles of clothing they need to enhance that Fall wardrobe. Abercrombie & Fitch has a Bull Point Oxford and its hot fall fashion for men. Wear a graphic tee underneath and with the classic shirt you can call it a day.

Hot Fall fashion for men this year is clearly Eddie Bauer (EddieBauer.com). The man on a budget can look good. Eddie Bauer has the polo, tees, sport coats and more. Between $25.00 and $50.00 men you can walk away with a linen or cotton shirt, graphic or no graphic tee and pick from various colors. The nice baby blue color shirt looks hip with a pair of khakis. Those of you stylish men may still be on a budget and looking hot for the Fall doesn’t mean to you, getting broke. For that reason under $50.00 Old Navy (old navy.com) has the rugby, polo, graphic tees, vintage blazer and all – go check them out.

For the urban man who likes style and more style, urban Fashion Designer Russell Simmons has outdone himself for you this year. In his Phat Farm (phatfarm.com) collection Simmons provides today’s urban male with “country club” tops. The classic look no doubt will make the golfer the envy of all. And if you feel like wearing stripes than a Phat Farm has a stylish stripped polo shirt $50.00 and under just for you.

Today’s urban male can also look grown, upscale, and sexy wearing Rocawear (rocawear.com.) On those nippy Fall nights Rocawear has the jacket to keep you warm. Full of color and dunked in style the jackets go for under $100.00. Fall Fashion Trends for Men & Women traditional and urban looks rock and aren’t that expensive this season, take advantage of the savings.

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