Fall Wedding Favor Ideas: Leaf Cookies, Spice Bags and More

Fall wedding are quickly growing as a very popular time for American weddings. They are the perfect time to incorporate new and unusual wedding favor ideas. Your guest will be charmed with your efforts. Who knows, your fall wedding favors may even start the latest wedding trends.

Caramel or Candy Apples:

For this unusual fall wedding favor I like to use smaller apples. They are easy to find in the grocery store in the fall. Place each apple in it’s own clear plastic bag meant for small candies. You can find these at Michaels Arts and Crafts and many other wedding supply stores. Tie the bag shut with a ribbon that matches your wedding colors. For a little extra touch you could cut out a small piece of paper 2X3 inches out of some beautiful craft paper. Use pinking sheers for nice edges. Write you and your groom’s name in real ink on the card. Punch a hole in the corner and tie it on the candy or caramel apple wedding favor with the ribbon. Your wedding guests will think of you when they break into their snack after the wedding.

Cinnamon Spice Apple Cider

Use those same clear bags to package a mixture of great fall spices. These spices can be added to tea or hot cider to add a cinnamon flavor perfect for the fall. Be sure to tie the bag shut with a beautiful ribbon. Cut out the card using the instruction from earlier. Write instructions for your guests so they will know how to use the cinnamon spice mix in their hot drinks.

Spice Tea Bags

Tea bags with personalized wiring are popular wedding favor. For a great fall wedding favor choose a cinnamon or apple spice tea. You can find great spice teas at the grocery store. Twinnings make a great selection of lemon, orange, cinnamon, and more that would work well. For a gourmet selection of tea checkout this online website for tea: www.cookscorner.net.

Chocolate Leaves

Chocolates are always a wonderful wedding favor. For a unique fall touch try buying leaf shaped chocolates. Package them in small white boxes tied shut with a wedding ribbon that matches your wedding colors.

Maple Candy

No flavor says fall more than maple. Maple candies are the perfect choice for a wedding favor. You can find a great assortment of maple candy online at www.massmaple.org. To save money buy the maple candy in bulk and then repackage them for your wedding favors.

Fall Leaf Cookies

Cookies are fabulous fall wedding favor. To incorporate the fall theme use leaves in the shape of cookies. You buy a variety of different fall leaf cookies at stores like Cookies by Design. You can also make your own for every little effort and money. Use a store bought sugar cookie dough. Roll it out and cut it out with a leaf shape cookie cutter. Once the cookie has cooled slather it with red and yellow icing. Use a butter knife to spread it around. The icing colors will mix together and create a great fall colored leaf. Use brown icing in one of those ready to pipe icing tubes to add the veins of the leaf. Let the cookies dry completely and then package in those great clear plastic bags. Use beautiful ribbon to tie the fall wedding favor shut.

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